Star Trek

May 20, 2009

Saw Star Trek last night. I enjoyed the movie. In its honour, here are some fun Star Trek links:

Moments later, Shatner dropped the soap

Moments later, Shatner dropped the soap

Tons of candid Trek photos from the original series. Awesome stuff with Shatner & Nimoy posing with their cars, Spock laughing with his mouth open in full costume, etc.
Full post with lots of links to noteworthy candids at Metafilter.

Tea.  Earl Gr-- ah, forget it, I'll make it myself.

Tea. Earl Gr-- ah, forget it, I'll make it myself.

This man’s wife left him and to compensate, he spent thousands turning his apartment into a Starship. Ummm…. awesome.

A few things I was thinking about after seeing le movie:
(I suppose you could say there are very very mild spoilers ahead)

Loved all the lens flares. Here’s a post Kottke put up a few weeks ago about Abrams’ use of lens flaring.

Luuurved Zoe Saldana and Zachary Quinto as Uhura & Spock. Great casting overall. Zoe Saldana is super-compelling.

The midwife who birthed Kirk had hella creepy funhouse mirror eyes- cool/scary.

It’s so lame that of the main cast of Trek, so far in the future, there were only 2 beige people and 1 woman. Come on. I mean I know it was groundbreaking in the 1960s and all, but hell.

Why do all aliens have the same haircut as all other aliens of their race?
Not really enough aliens in this movie, actually. I could have used more aliens.

Winona Ryder is officially a hot mom now, I guess.

Ebert complains that this movie is a fun action romp– but… that Trek has a responsibility, or at least a precedent, of tackling philosophical concerns, which doesn’t really happen in the movie. I think that’s a fair critique. But then again he also makes some weird opaque comment about how Zoe Saldana is “unsuited to her costume”, and that’s such bunk I will totally kick him.

And finally, hey, science fiction, why are all alien ships so uncomfortable? Don’t aliens like being warm and having enough light to see by? The Enterprise bridge is comfy and bright like it was made by Ikea, but the Romulans seem to live in the rafters of my creepiest neighbours’ garage. Why are their ships always a series of scary, slippery bridges spanning endless abysses? Who the hell designs for these people? Do I have to go to Romulus and hold a seminar about the value of laminate flooring? Because I’ll do it.