WALL-E computer case

November 6, 2009

Here’s a computer case in the shape of everyone’s favourite Earth-Class Waste Allocation Load-Lifter, WALL-E. Made by some dude in Russia with an exquisite eye for detail- all the moving parts actually move, and everything is made of machine-cut metal. Just look at this:

wall e computer

He even has the cockroach.

wall e eyes

The character design for WALL-E was based around a pair of vintage binoculars that creator Andrew Stanton borrowed from a friend during a baseball game. Now you know.

Check out lots of photos of its construction here.
Thanks to Kalman for the tip.


Pixar short: Burn-E

November 14, 2008


This is a special feature from the Wall-E DVD- a little short film about Burn-E, the robot who got stuck outside the spaceship Axiom around the midpoint of the film. If you’ve already seen Wall-E , you’ll love how this short runs parallel to the feature- but Burn-E is still awesome even if you haven’t seen Wall-E.

Also, go rent Wall-E, it absolutely rocks. ~7 min.

Burn-E is online-E here-E.

Update: the link keeps breaking (thanks for the note, Anonymous). Probably because Pixar would prefer that you watch Burn-E after buying the Wall-E DVD. Which of course you will eventually do, obviously, right? It’s seriously, no guff, one of the best movies of the year and probably one of the best animated features of all time. But if you’re determined to watch it online, there should be some working links somewhere in here, or just do some googling.

Pixar, oh Pixar.

July 22, 2008
Illustration from Lots of Bots, a Pixar storybook by Ben Butcher.

Illustration from "Lots of Bots", a Pixar storybook by Ben Butcher.

Okay, this is an AWESOME story.

A year ago, a woman named Courtney discovered she couldn’t watch the preview trailer for Wall-E without bursting into tears every time Wall-E said his name. Half-embarassed, half-amused, she made a little video of herself watching raptly and crying on-cue, which started to circulate on YouTube. People from Pixar eventually saw it and some sent her little emails thanking her for sharing her connection with the film. They even sent her some Wall-E swag for Xmas. Nice, right?

It gets better.

Out of the blue, Pixar invited her to the Wall-E wrap party, flying her across the country and putting her up in a great hotel. The wrap party was attended by a thousand of the Pixar employees who worked on Wall-E for four long years, and before the screening, writer/director Andrew Stanton gave a little speech thanking them all for their commitment and talent:

“Six months ago, when the first trailer for Wall-E came out, we were only halfway done with the film, and we weren’t exactly sure how we were going to get it done. We were exhausted.
And then, one day, a movie showed up on YouTube, showing a girl watching the trailer for Wall-E. And every time she watched it, she would cry on cue. When we saw that, we knew we were on the right track.”
Everybody in the theater laughed at this knowingly.
“Well,” Andrew Stanton said. “We invited Courtney here tonight.”
A gasp went through the theater… Stanton asked her to stand up, and all one-thousand sets of eyes in the theater turned to find her, and thunderous applause broke out.

Best of all, Pixar never tried to use this story to promote Wall-E at all; they just did it as a treat to their employees and a thank you to Courtney- a way to allow people who had connected only indirectly to finally meet in person.

Here’s the Wall-E trailer, and the video of Courtney watching it and crying. It’s pretty fun to watch- I just checked it out at work and cried all over myself, then some dude from the mailroom wandered by and gave me a weird look as I sat there with a big doofy grin wiping my nose on my arm. And Courtney’s boyfriend wrote about the experience on Metafilter.