Fashion blog – Fit for a Femme

April 9, 2010

I love me a good fashion blog and I’m pretty stoked I just found this one: Fit for a Femme is a great blog documenting the fashion choices of a very attractive couple from San Francisco. Actually, I’m having a bit of a hard time deciding which one of them I’d rather dress like.


Kenyan and Grace have style

July 15, 2009

kenyan grace

I don’t really know what this is but I like it. A little photoessay and handwritten interview about a couple who have cool stuff and who lounge around in Appalachian old-man pyjamas, I guess. Their stuff is nice and they look like they’re having fun and the whole thing has this sort of easygoing vibe about it though. Also it’s all on one ad-free page so it’s easy to consume quickly without tons of dumb flash or reloading, which I appreciate.
Thanks to Elliott oops, Reuben, sorry Reub, for the tip.

Uniform Project

June 11, 2009

uniform project

Sheena Matheiken is wearing the same dress every day for a year as an exercise in sustainable living, and to raise money for the Akanksha Foundation, which helps provide education for slum children in Mumbai. Her friend Eliza Starbuck designed a versatile, reversible, comfy black dress and made 7 of them for this project. Sheena is now styling the dress differently each day, with lots of unexpected (mostly secondhand) accessories and layered pieces. Above I comped together 3 of my favourite outfits; this girl’s style is off the proverbial hook. Right now she’s on day 41 and no repeat outfits. I’m totally following this project. Check it out here.

Via Kottke.

Michelle Obama dresses good, and more fashion stuff

November 18, 2008

I’m not gonna lie to you, I’ve been keeping an eye on Michelle Obama’s clothes. I think she’s a sharp dresser and I like her style. Not that I like every single outfit she’s ever worn, of course- but she’s hit it outta the park often enough (that turquoise dress & brooch she wore to the DNC, oooh, aaaah!) — that I’m definitely gonna take notes from here on in.

click to enlarge.

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Photo source.

Some of the rules in MO’s style bible seem to mirror my clothing preferences, too: bright colours, sharp, straight silhouettes (very rarely will you see her wear anything poofy or drapey), big jewellery (she’s into brooches and pearls, whereas I’m more about the giant earrings, but you take my point), avoidance of long sleeves, and always with the tight-waisted dresses, often with big belts. Anyway, I’ve been periodically Google-image stalking searching her fashion choices, and finally I’ve found a Michelle Obama fashion blog that will do the legwork for me.
Via Metafilter.

While we’re at it, the internet is, as you’d imagine, a rich minefield of fashion sites, and here are a few of my favourites.

I also like to look at photos of clothing at gofugyourself, and there are some great formal-wear ideas to be found in Jezebel’s Good/Bad/Ugly posts. Most of all, I like the Wardrobe Remix flickr pool (I like to let it build up in my RSS reader then scroll through the pics really fast while I’m on the phone).

Two standout wardrobe remixers I’ve found are galadarling, who’s like a tiny pink punk alien Madonna here to kick you with her giant boots, and Johanni, who looks like the 1955 Lolita lovechild of Marilyn Monroe and Bjork. Those two have almost cartoony levels of awesome going on. But really, there are a ton of sharp, inventive dressers on wardrobe remix, and it’s awesome seeing people with regularly/irregularly proportioned bodies wearing interesting outfits. Also, Wardrobe Remix is probably to thank/blame for my dresses-over-pants awesomeness/problem.

I also enjoy FashionUnder$100– which, as the name suggests, shows you how to copy celeb outfits for under $100 per outfit- including shoes (whaaaat?), and I like to look at the modelly-types in their impractical shoes on Sartorialist and Garance Doré (GD has an English version too, but there’s something more romantic about reading it en francais, je pense. Kind of like having black coffee and cynicism for breakfast, you know?)

Sartorialist and Garance Doré are kind of annoying in how skinny all their subjects are, so I also love the Fatshionista flickriver for a little shape-diversity. Who says you gotta weigh 112 pounds to look nice? If that was true, I’d have stopped looking nice around seventh grade. And listen, in seventh grade I hadn’t yet figured out how to pluck my eyebrows, so trust me, it’s much better this way.

Artist's interpretation of me in seventh grade, pre-tweeze.

Artist's interpretation of me in seventh grade, pre-tweeze.