Neon Signs Gone Wrong

November 18, 2009

Here’s a hospital emergency room with an appropriately burnt-out sign:

I'm hurt

That one’s featured in a NYT article– thanks to Juliet for the tip.

More appropriate neon burn-outs. My favourite is this one:

People flock to this place for the rump roast.


Redneck with Confederate Flag tattoo isn’t afraid to state his opinion of Obama

November 3, 2008

Florida’s Jason Hill, a self-described redneck, has been doing a little electioneering these days: standing on the shoulder of the highway in the noonday sun, wearing his NASCAR hat, sporting a hickey on his neck, and waving a sign for his preferred presidential ticket.  He’ll even run into traffic to hand out bumper stickers endorsing his candidate.

His candidate is Obama.  

This is AWESOME.  

“He’s for the little guy, you know?  He’s for us.  McCain is for the rich, and the rich are gonna get richer.  Why would you wanna vote for somebody who’s goin’ up for big oil…?  I don’t understand that. 

“It’s not a matter of race, it’s a matter of belief, and he believes in the same things I do…   I’ve got a lotta friends that are just, they’re ignorant, and they’re not gonna vote for him just ’cause he’s black.  And I tell ’em… keep your vote at home.  You’re not voting for what you want, you’re just voting for race.”

This warmed my heart like a musical number in a Pixar film.  

Wait, let me disambiguate that: I mean that my heart was very very warmed. Very.

Watch the 2-min BBC interview here.

Tthanks to dziga for another good tip.

Collection of hotel door hangers

September 3, 2008

This blogger’s grandpa collected door hangers from hotels around the world. Lots of nice graphic design.



Open range

August 23, 2008

Sometimes, it’s so perfect you kind of freak out a little.