Marcel the Shell with Shoes on

September 3, 2010

Here’s an adorable stop-motion film voiced by Jenny Slate (the woman who swore in her first sketch on Saturday Night Live) and animated by Dean Fleischer-Camp. I love it so much; I’ve already watched it about 10 times. You can watch it here.
It’ll for sure be the cutest three minutes of your week.

marcel shell jenny slate dean fleischer camp

Thanks to Donaldson for the tip.


I’ll teach your grandmother to blow eggs

May 14, 2009

How to blow a hard-boiled egg right out of its shell.

1. Remove a dime-size bit of shell from the narrow end, and a nickel-sized bit from the round end of the egg.
2. Roll the egg on the counter to crack it all over.
3. Make a circle with thumb & forefinger over the small end of the egg.
4. Cup the egg with the other hand to catch it.
5. Blow hard into the egg, using your circled finger & thumb to direct all the air into the shell.
Source, via MetaFilter.