How to sell a $35,000 watch

February 26, 2010

There are $35,000 watches?!
Wall Street Journal outlines some of the strategies salespeople use in order to sell these very practical timepieces.

Salespeople lay the client’s well-worn watch on a tray between two shiny new ones, creating a contrast that subtly suggests it’s time to upgrade.

More sales strategies include: flattery, talking not about “price” but rather about “value”, and placating annoyed wives by suggesting the husband also buy her a (less-expensive) watch.

Via MeFi.


Real estate is better when it’s gooey.

July 29, 2008

Another “good try, but you fail” site: It’s lovely! I’ll take it! showcases the photos people post on real estate sites to try to sell their houses.

“Oh that’s ok, they don’t mind if you leave your shoes on, let’s just head on through. Now remember faux-finishes? This was kind of a “paint-draping” effect. It was pioneered in Chernobyl, and uh, it actually takes quite a while to achieve this look but the previous owners were here for a long, long time.”

HP Lovecraft had indigestion in here

HP Lovecraft had indigestion in here

“This one is kind of nice, they tidied up and used a wide-angle lens, natural light, fresh fruit, and, hey Brenda, do you hear… loud breathing? Almost like a sort of “panting” noise?”