Blue Valentine Trailer & Screenplay

January 16, 2011

I had no idea Ryan Gosling was so charming. Or that Michelle Williams was so interesting. Man, I liked this movie. The dialogue was mostly improvised; the Blue Valentine shooting script is online here.


30 Rock table read clip

May 28, 2009

Here’s a very short clip of Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin doing a table read for 30 Rock.

And here’s a group interview clip that starts with Tracy Morgan behaving like someone who’s in his third year at a mediocre theatre school- lots of loud, non sequitur one-liners- for an astonishingly long period of time. You can basically skip that part- let it load and go to about 45sec to start. In this clip, Tina Fey reveals that one of my favourite lines is improvised.
It’s on YouTube here (3 min).

Via Lisa W‘s Facebook wall.

Burn After Reading: the newest film by the Coen Brothers

September 6, 2008

Frances McDormand remembers, “In the first scene for my character in the script, the description said, ‘Close Up On A Woman’s Ass. Pale. Bare. Middle-Aged.’

“Why should one even read on? Why should one even consider the job?”

Ethan reveals, “It’s fun to write for Fran because you know she’s good. It’s not fun to show the script to her once it’s written, because she yells at you.”

From the press material for Burn After Reading.