My first LOL of the day: a short play

December 6, 2010

HIM: My mom’s sister is named Mimi.
HER: She sounds selfish.

A HAHA. Thanks to Kelly and Elliott for making me snort.

Mother sells her baby’s first name on eBay

August 8, 2009

mom sells kids name on ebay

Unemployed Arkansas single mother of six sells the legal name of her unborn seventh child on eBay so she can buy a car. UPDATE: listing was removed a couple hours after I posted this. Wonder why?

Someone tell George Foreman.


Dimple Grubb.

December 16, 2008

Find your Hobbit name.

Name generators are how the Feds figure out who’s using what browser. They associate your name with your IP address, in a way that is fun and makes you feel like you are in a moovie!

Also, try “George Bush”.