Ees da tack see ohn eets wey?

November 25, 2010

My friend Michelle sent me this. I turned it up very loud and marched in place for a few minutes. I’m in really good shape now.


BJ Penn: you should see how fast he gets out of a puddle.

August 5, 2009

Here’s a video of mixed martial arts fighter BJ Penn doing a standing vertical jump out of a swimming pool. He just, you know, leaps straight out of chest-deep water, without using his hand,s and lands neatly on the deck. WHAT THE WHAT??!! It’s a skill that would really have come in handy for this woman’s friends.

I could do this too, but I’m not the UFC lightweight champion so I choose not to. Plus it makes girls get really jealous of me and stuff.

Interval Training- The 6-Minute Workout

July 19, 2009

Researchers wonder if 6 minutes of hardcore interval training- extremely intense 2 minute bouts of very hard exercise- might build fitness as well as hours of comfortably-paced exercise:

Six minutes or so a week of hard exercise (plus the time spent warming up, cooling down, and resting between the bouts of intense work) had proven to be as good as multiple hours of working out for achieving fitness. The short, intense workouts aided in weight loss, too.

There’s a catch, though. Those six minutes, if they’re to be effective, must hurt. “We describe it as an ‘all-out’ effort,”… You’ll be straying “well out of your comfort zone.”

Article, with info about how to try this, here.