A party, you say?

February 20, 2009

This is awesome.

Last week when I checked my mailbox, I found that my new neighbour had left me a note stating that he was having a party and to let him know if the noise was too loud. The problem I have with the note is not that he was having a party and didn’t invite me, it was that he selected a vibrant background of balloons, effectively stating that his party was going to be vibrant and possibly have balloons and that I couldn’t come.

Read the whole thing here. It’s so worthwhile, I made incoherent noises of joy while I read it.
Via MetaFilter.

UP: new Pixar movie trailer

November 11, 2008


The new Pixar movie is Up. I mean the trailer is up. The Up trailer is up. It’s Up, and it’s up. The movie is Up, but it isn’t up, just the Up trailer is up. So you can look Up up, or you can just call Up up here.