December 8, 2011

Some thoughts:

Yesterday I went to a new dentist who scaled my teeth so decisively that I felt like she’d removed them from my mouth and run them through a sandblaster. She just got right up in there with her tartarhooks and gleefully just plowed my mouth. My whole skull was reverberating with the thoroughness of her calculus-blasting. She’s awesome. I’m debating inviting her over to tackle the grout in my shower.

My beloved Blundstone low-top shoes are falling to shreds- leaving actual chunks of the soles in a trail behind me like sad rubber breadcrumbs. The salespeople tell me they are much too far-gone to resole, and the style has been discontinued. Two years ago I saw an identical pair, in pretty good shape, in exactly my size, in a thrift store, but didn’t buy them because buying duplicate items makes me feel like a crazy cat lady hoarder. I deeply regret this decision. Duplicates of everything from this day forward! I will store my duplicates in plastic bins and stack them against the walls of my apartment in tottering piles!


Thank you Elliott, for directing my attention to whatever this is.

Arrested Development Family Reunion

October 3, 2011

If you “like” the New Yorker Facebook page, then hit the “Facebook Exclusives” link on the left side of that page, you can watch a 97-minute panel with the entire cast and the creator of Arrested Development. Lots of great tidbits about the show and fun news about the prospect of a movie. I was planning to listen to 10 minutes of this. That was 97 minutes ago.

Henry’s Kitchen

September 7, 2011

It’s 2am and I need to be asleep, not helplessly giggling at a YouTube video. Too bad, sucka. Paste/Sauce.

Kurt Vonnegut shows you how stories go

September 4, 2011

My favourite story is probably: “Girl gets lonely and hungry. Finds charming and adorable person with hamburgers.” But these are pretty good, too.

Full transcript of this talk is here. Can we just overlook the weird “primitive peoples” part? Really, Kurt Vonnegut. Come on. Anyway, the rest is funny. Via Kottke.


April 28, 2011

Symmetry from Everynone on Vimeo.

I dunno why Vimeo links never work for me. Anyway, watch that video; it’s great. 3 minutes. Via Dooce.

Ryan and Ricky

March 31, 2011

Two unrelated videos that made me laugh tonight:

Ten years in two minutes

December 3, 2010

Neato. Via Kottke.

Cats arguing

November 29, 2010

You think this is just gonna be a sickeningly cute video of cats doing something with their paws, but what you don’t realize is that these are talking cats.

Thanks to Nathalie and Carlos for Facebooking this.

Koki Tanaka – Everything is Everything

October 20, 2010

Hypothetically, if I said to you, “Hey, watch this six-minute video of random things done to random objects by unseen people”, then you probably think you’d be like WAT
But I am saying that, and I bet you’ll watch it and find it strangely enjoyable. People with children or babbies, make sure to show it to them, too- apparently it goes over extra-well with little kids.

Via MeFi.

David Crowder Band – Shine

October 19, 2010

Aw man, I was thinking about my old Lite-Brite just the other day. It’s still in my parents’ basement somewhere, no doubt buried under some Star Wars action figures and a My Little Pony. That warm glow is really gorgeous on video. I can’t say enough how much I love this kind of elaborately-executed low-tech art. It takes so much craft and so little money; it’s a beautiful thing. And check out the piano in the background- it’s playing!
Thanks to Peneycad for the tip.