Pageslapping you with Pages

November 19, 2011

That is a lemur sneaking up on a fennec fox. For obvious reasons.

Here is a set of the 25 worst Life Magazine covers ever, with wry commentary. The fact that this is on the Life Magazine website makes me really like Life Magazine.

If you’re trying to get some writing done, Written Kitten will help.

If you would like to see a semicircle of white men looking very uncomfortable, Steve McQueen’s great commentary about diversity in casting is a good place to start.

Welcome to the Internet

November 19, 2010

Hey you guys, I just found this brand-new (read: ten years old), totally unknown (read: suuper freakin popular), little (big) blog! You guys should check it out before anyone else knows about it. It’s called Pioneer Woman and it’s written by a lady who lives on a ranch. Like seriously, that cowboy is her actual husband, and there was a snake in her yard and she has horses and sometimes there are prairie fires. And she’s funny. Yep. Welcome to the Internet, you guys. Thank goodness I’m here to show you all the new stuff.

Karate Kid ruined my happiness.

May 31, 2010

Fig. 1: Artist's impression of my life.

“You know that TV show where Gordon Ramsay tours various failing restaurants and swears at the owners until everything is fine again? Every episode is a great example. They all involve some haggard restaurant owner, a half a million dollars in debt, looking exhausted into the camera and saying, “How can we be losing money? I work 90 hours a week!”

The world demands more. So, so much more. How have we gotten to adulthood and failed to realize this? Why would our expectations of the world be so off? I blame the montages. Five breezy minutes, from sucking at karate to being great at karate, from morbid obesity to trim, from geeky girl to prom queen, from terrible garage band to awesome rock band.”

OMG, this is my life. Read it and weep at Cracked.
Thanks to Nicolas for the tip.

Hype Machine

March 3, 2010

If you’re not already into it, you should maybe check out The Hype Machine. Unless you don’t like amazing websites that collect songs being blogged all over the world and then put all the MP3s in one place for you to stream for free so you can hear what the blogosphere likes and then go track down new artists. If you don’t like awesome stuff like that, then stay away from the Hype Machine.

Also, if you hate ridiculously unexpected mashups like Beyonce + The Andy Griffith Theme, then go away, please, because it’s like you don’t know me at all and it hurts me to even look at your face.

My First Fail

August 3, 2009


Here’s a site collecting funny pics and videos of baby’s first fail.

This one is my favourite (maybe NSFW if you work for Quakers).

Doctor blogs

April 27, 2009

If you like doctor blogs- and I sure do- I believe you should go here: the final post roundup from 3 years of Surgeon’sBlog. This one post is comprised of about 40 links to various vivid stories from the operating room. When I say vivid- well, the first is subtitled, “the most stool I’ve ever seen in a belly”, and with an intro like that, how can you not want to know more??!! HOW MUCH STOOL WAS THERE?
So far I’ve barely made a dent, but I’m already hooked.

Bad Paintings of Barack Obama

March 26, 2009

The name of the site kind of says it all.


Frankly, though, I’m not so sure all of these paintings are bad.

Barack Obama Mexican Taco Underwear Party.

Barack Obama Mexican Taco Underwear Party.