Cat Bow Tie

December 27, 2010

I made an Xmas bow tie for Helder’s mom’s cat.
My cats were forced pleased to model it first.

Mojo. So majestic.

Juno. So annoyed.

Then I wrapped it up and gave it to the Senhora and my lil’ buddy Fausty, who chewed on it while being told in Portuguese how pretty he looked.

It’s felt, with a hair-elastic-and-button closure.

I am pleased with it, and am now planning an entire line of catcessories: a long necktie, a priest collar, a peter pan collar, maybe a Shakespearean ruffly thing. Stay tuned for more mortified cats special occasions.

I did this once before but obviously cats look better in tuxedoes than business suits. What am I, a farmer?

My 5-year old son is gay

November 3, 2010

…and he dressed in drag for his Christian preschool’s Hallowe’en party, and his awesome Mom stuck up for him in real life and online. Win, win, WIN.
Thanks to Virtue for Facebooking this.

Gritty feelings

April 28, 2010

From time to time (read: all the time), I like to assert that I am not a crazy cat lady. I’m not, you guys.

I mean, sure, I have a cat.


Well, two cats. One of whom routinely sleeps in my bed, under the duvet like an adorable little person.


And I mean, sure, my cats have more hairbrushes than I do.

All of my hairbrushes.

Some of my cats\’ hairbrushes.

But I don’t have, like, cat kitsch all around the apartment or anything.

My cat kitsch is just in a few normal places, like shelves and on the fridge and stuck to the sides of my speakers and every other item in the apartment.

Totally rational appreciation of cats over here. And it’s a mutual appreciation.

Obviously, there is a lot of shared understanding and admiration in this inter-species relationship. You can tell by their cat expressions.

Anyway, recently a promotion company contacted me and offered to give me some free cat stuff, including cat litter, if I agreed to talk about my feelings for that cat litter on this blog. When promotion companies have your blog on their cat lady list, well, you just have to start coming to terms with the notion that you may be a crazier cat lady than you thought.

Also, I did not even realize that I might be the kind of person who might have feelings about cat litter. Is that even a kind of person?

Let’s delve into this issue, and find out!

Maxx Scoop cat litter comes in a variety called “Small Spaces”, which, considering the fact that my entire apartment is about the same size as a grand piano, sounds like it’s right up my exceedingly narrow alley.

But none of the stores in my neighbourhood seem to be stocking that stuff yet, so I settled for “Multi-Cat” formula. Because I am a person who has multiple cats, and maybe even feelings about those cats’ cat litter. We’ll see.

Cat litter is starting to not sound like a real word any more. Cat litter. Cat litter. Clap glitter.

What do I usually look for in a cat litter, you ask? (Thanks for asking).

Well, my cats have an amazing robotic dervish of a litterbox, which was a present from some friends who like me much more than I deserve. Because it self-scoops, that means I shouldn’t have to clean it very often (right?).

Usually my extremely discerning taste in cat litter sends me right to a big-box store to pick up whatever generic brand is on sale, which I buy by the shipping flat and stack in my hallway (CLASSY).

This week, however, my amazing robotic litterbox has been filled with Maxx Scoop Multi-Cat.

Maxximum Mojo is stoked.

You guys, this is totally the cat litter of champions.

And it comes in these sturdy little buckets that you can totally use for, you know, stuff!

(I might fill my buckets with cats, is that wrong?)

So. In conclusion, do I have feelings about this cat litter? You betcha.
Good feelings. Clumping, non-disgusting feelings. Absorbent feelings. Multi-cat feelings.
Feelings… to the Maxx.

Dik-Dik baby

January 26, 2010

The dik-dik is a tiny, delicate species of antelope found in Angola and Namibia. They’re smaller than a housecat, usually just over a foot tall, and if you scare them, they yell “dik dik dik” in a tiny voice. Stoppit.

One was just born in a zoo in the UK. Its hobbies include standing, staring, and having an adorable rump.

o hai! i iz tu smal to uze capitle lerrerz wen i yellz!

Here are some more dik-dik photos.

Here is what I would do all day long if I had a dik-dik. I would pet it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

And here is a video of a dik-dik being accosted by peeping toms.

Based on the name, you wouldn’t think it, but it turns out that the dik-dik is a rather prim little sort.

Thanks to Peneycad for the tip-tip.


October 10, 2009

Adorable French toddlers watching an outdoor play in the 1960s:

cute kids

cute little kids

Look at the little guys holding hands!
All art should enrapture its audience like this.
These are old Life Magazine pics, which I found via Marieaunet.

Collars for Cats

October 1, 2009

In which I found a scrap of fabric, and, feeling crafty, decided to take the word “collar” entirely too literally:

Regional Manager Mojo has reviewed the numbers and prepared a PowerPoint of the quarterly report.

Regional Manager Mojo has reviewed the numbers and prepared a PowerPoint of the quarterly report.

Juno from Human Resources congratulates herself for a sexual harassment sensitivity training session well-done.  Time for a margarita.

Juno from Human Resources congratulates herself for a sexual harassment sensitivity training session well-done. Time for a margarita.

Juno seemed to like the collar so I left it on her for a while, but 20 minutes later she appeared without it. Upon investigation I discovered she’d scratched it off in the litter box and then peed on it. Can’t say I blame her: sometimes the rat race can get you down.

Vanishing lover

July 3, 2009

Poor sad bunny.

Fish eulogy

June 18, 2009


Camel versus Bin

June 4, 2009


Who knew camels were adorable and hilarious? Here we have a fantastic photo essay of a baby camel trying to kill a Tupperware. Really, click this one. It’s great. (BTW, “cushing” means lying down, and the reason the owner hasn’t ridden the camel yet is because his joints are too soft to safely bear extra weight. But she sits on him while he’s cushing to socialize and gentle him).

Also, did you know camels make a really unpleasant and hilarious sound when you shove them into a car? It’s true!

WHY ARE THOSE CAMELS IN THAT CAR, you may be saying. Well, according to the YouTube blurb, “A Bedouin resident of the Negev managed to complete the inconceivable feat when he stuffed two camels into his car in order to transport them to the West Bank Judea.” Obviously.

Apparently Ben Burtt (I had to look that up; originally I typed Burtt Bird) used sped-up camel braying as the sound of Tauntauns in Star Wars.

If you need more, there are many more camel photos here.
All via Metafilter.

Bushbaby is like O RLY?

May 26, 2009

This is pretty much exactly the face I make when someone says “Hey Nic, I’m going to Ikea, you wanna come?”

More tiny primate pageslap fun blog action. (Is my SEO showing?)