Marcel the Shell with Shoes on

September 3, 2010

Here’s an adorable stop-motion film voiced by Jenny Slate (the woman who swore in her first sketch on Saturday Night Live) and animated by Dean Fleischer-Camp. I love it so much; I’ve already watched it about 10 times. You can watch it here.
It’ll for sure be the cutest three minutes of your week.

marcel shell jenny slate dean fleischer camp

Thanks to Donaldson for the tip.

Mila’s Daydreams

July 23, 2010

Every day when her baby naps, this mom styles her up into a dreamscape and photographs it. Pretty adorable.

So far she hasn’t done any where she surrounds the baby with empty beer bottles and poker chips, but the blog is still pretty new.
Via Mefi.

Louis Armstrong’s kitchen

July 22, 2010

Apartment Therapy has a cool house tour of jazz legend Louis Armstrong’s 1960s kitchen in Queens, NY. Highlights include kitchen cabinets mounted on piano hinges, a blender built right into the counter, and Armstrong’s favourite product: a herbal laxative he endorsed using the slogan “leave it all behind you”.

Thanks to Whitney for Facebooking this.

Kikkoman, Kikko Man

June 28, 2010

Man, when this first came out a few years ago, my cousins and I sang it endlessly for weeks.

The star of Soy has sent him here; the great hero Kikko-Man!
Soy sauce makes the difference; pour it, taste it, be amazed!
Restaurants are no match to him; take his blow, the Kikko-punch!
“Eat sunny-side-up eggs with soysauce!”

Show me! Show you! Kikkoman, Kikkoman
(This is a clever pun, because “shoyu” actually means “soy sauce”)
Show me! Show you! Kikkoman!

The Star of Soy has sent him here; the cool guy called Kikko-Man!
Try soy sauce and be healthy! “Did you know that it kills germs?”
Sauce? or Ketchup? or Mayonnaise? Vanish them with Kikko-Beam!
“I said eat eggs with soysauce, idiot!”
(and then he kills the cat and gets the girl, wtf?!)

Show me! Show you! Kikkoman, Kikkoman!
Show me! Show you! Kikkoman! Alright!

So good. Thanks to reader Vickie for the tip!

Re-cut trailer: Mary Poppins

June 26, 2010

Last night I watched this excellent, fan-made, “Scary Mary Poppins” trailer:

And then, with that in mind, watched the original trailer. Which now seems totally terrifying:

Mario violin

June 21, 2010

Here’s a nice serious Japanese man playing through the demo of Mario Bros. on the violin. This is the perfect intersection of high and low art.

Via BoingBoing.

Finding Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks

June 18, 2010

Blogger Jeremiah Moss investigates the histories of various Manhattan street corners, trying to find the exact location of the diner in Edward Hopper’s 1942 painting Nighthawks. It’s a neat series in four parts, and I’ve always liked this painting; it was up over my couch all through university.

Here’s another nice piece of Hopperama: every year, the Washington Post runs a Peep (ie. Easter candy) diorama contest. The 2009 winner was Melissa Harvey, whose diorama was a bunny Peep version of Nighthawks. She describes the piece in this audio slideshow.

edward hopper peeps rabbits bunnies diner diorama nighthawks melissa harvey

Via MeFi and Kelly M.

Like Father

June 1, 2010

This morning, my dad and I went into a subway station together. Just as we approached the turnstyles, a homeless lady spoke to us.

HOMELESS LADY: Spare change?

ME: No, sorry.

MY DAD: Sorry.

I don’t always give change to panhandlers, but something about this woman kind of drew me in, and I thought I probably did have a bit of change, so I kept walking and pretended to be digging for a token, when really I was fishing for some money for her. Meanwhile, my dad was edging towards the turnstyles, reaching into his pocket for his subway pass.

ME: Den, wait, I think I have change for her…

My father still had one hand searching his pocket, but as he turned to me, I saw that his subway pass was already in his other hand. This meant that he had actually been looking in his pocket for change all along.

MY DAD: Oh, yeah, me too, that’s what I’m trying to find here.

Turns out we both had some change for this lady. I haven’t lived with my dad for about a decade, and I don’t recall ever seeing his personal giving-change-to-the-homeless-procedure before, but we had both done the exact same thing: deemed this lady a good candidate for a handout, yet said no and walked out of her sightline while we checked our pockets so we wouldn’t disappoint her in case we had none. We pooled our coins and my dad handed her some loot.

I am a big fan of behavioural resemblance.

What a good question.

May 26, 2010

My lovely friend Lauren, who is utterly perfume-obsessed, asked her FB friends what their favourite smells are. I discovered I was delighted to answer:

clean concrete stairwells (particularly the ones on the ryerson campus),
belgian waffles,
summer nights in the city,
chocolate cigarillos,
vinyl erasers from the 1980s (and the scented vivienne westwood jelly shoes of today that mimic them),
l’oreal lipstick,
the baked-on sunshine smell of my dad’s shirt after mowing the lawn,
unsmoked cigarettes (so raisiny!),
ivory soap,
fresh-ground coffee beans,
axe body spray “dark temptations” chocolate scent (and only that scent of all axe’s many offerings, thank you),
black tea,
coca cola,
garlic in a frying pan,
crabapple blossoms,
that crisp snowy smell from a new feather duvet,
smoked meat,
bread in the oven,
baby lotion,
day-old boy neck,
my cats’ tummies.

Google Pac Man!

May 21, 2010

Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde.

You guys, go to Google today! It’s the anniversary of Pac-Man and the Google homepage is a playable game OMG!


OMG, they made it permanent OMG!


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