Design ideas

February 25, 2011

I’ve been thinking a lot about making some changes to my apartment. I think I want to paint my brown wall grey, and make a headboard, and get a giant couch, and a bunch of other stuff. This has been brought on by the fact that I recently added a whackload of design blogs to my RSS feed, so basically every morning I look at nice things and then I think all day about how to get them. Super-constructive.

Anyway, I’ve been saving lots of pics of design ideas I like and I just realized there are like five folders of this stuff on my desktop, so I figured I’d throw it all up here for safekeeping. Please to enjoy / ignore.

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That fabric with the dancing llamas is embroidered blankets made by Otomi people (an indigenous group in Mexico). I love how bright and dynamic it is, and how saturated the colours are. That headboard idea was all over the place in the designblogs a while back, and I still lurve it.

The second half of the slideshow features my new favourite colour scheme: grey + turquoise + yellow. I used to be all over yellow and blue in my university days- my room was basically wallpapered in Van Goghs- and while I think I’m over that particular palette, turquoise + mustard is looking pretty great to me these days.

Some of the rooms in this latter half of the slideshow kinda make my butt clench with how tensely staged they are- I’m not really into the perfect Hollywood Regency hotel look with brandnew matching symmetrical superformal everything- but there are still lots of little ideas here to think about.

I think in my apt, maybe a grey wall + a grey couch + all my preexisting turquoise stuff + I dunno, some yellow pillows? A bowl of butter? And obviously my apartment is also a perfect environment for six pet canaries, to provide that perfect pop of colour.

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Covet covet covet. You guys, quit consuming so much media and you’ll quit wanting so much stuff. The Amish are onto something.

What’s it like to be blind?

November 10, 2010

UPDATE: The link to the webforum was broken; I fixed it. Here.

Here is a very long, very in-depth web forum, where tons of users ask honest questions of a 26 year old man who’s been blind from birth.

He answers all sorts of stuff, ranging from how much he cares about women’s looks to whether he pees sitting or standing, to info about his computer (he doesn’t use a monitor!) to what his computer screen-reader sounds like. Turns out he can listen to his computer-voice at an absolutely dizzying speed (here’s an mp3).

The thread is 15+ pages long and takes forever to go through, but it’s super-interesting, and worth at least a skim. Read it here.

Hollerado- Americanerama

October 19, 2010

So much to like here. Single camera on a wide shot. Crafty. Clever. Low budget. Really well-rehearsed. 80s nostalgie. Win, win, win.

Freddie Wong’s short films.

August 5, 2010

Here’s Freddie Wong, a prolific YouTube user who makes cool little shorts, and then gives tutorials on re-creating the video effects he uses (and even if you’re not into video editing you’ll probably find them interesting). I really like this guy’s stuff.

I also thought this one was really funny:

And I liked this tutorial on making muzzle flares:

I’m excited to see what else this guy does.
Thanks to Reuben for the tip.

Tarp Surfing

July 22, 2010

Get a giant blue tarp. Skateboard over it while someone pulls it over you.
Oh my goodness this is delightful.
Skip to 0:30 if you don’t wanna listen to silhouette guy yapping. And then he yaps again, so skip to 5:00 to see outtakes.

I wanna do this and put a cardboard silhouette of a shark behind the tarp.

Via Kottke.

How to open a wine bottle with a shoe

July 13, 2010

wine bottle cork corkscrew open shoe easy

Just put the bottle into the heel of your shoe, hold it so the bottom is parallel to the wall, and give it a few firm taps against a hard wall. Here’s a demo video; it’s in French but the visuals makes sense.

Do you know the lengths I’ve gone to to find a corkscrew? Trying to befriend snotty neighbours, wandering into Greek restaurants at 1AM, poking around with knives… and all this time I was standing on the answer. I can’t wait to try this. If I show up with a giant purple splotch on my pants you’ll know it was a fail.
Via MeFi.

Daniel Pink: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

June 27, 2010

rewards daniel pink motivation incentive

Here’s a great 10 minute presentation about motivation and incentive. Turns out that for higher-level cognitive work, financial rewards are actually a disincentive to do good work; Pink discusses other incentives that work better. Great topic + engaging artwork = solid video.

Thanks to Reub for the tip.

Paper Transformer Thingie

June 24, 2010

How to annoy your supergeek slightly less

June 21, 2010

Maybe you’re like me and you have a few friends who are computer wizards. And maybe you’re also like me in that you ask them inane intelligent computer questions all the time. “Hey, how do I export audio out of a Quicktime to make it into an mp3?” I you might say. “Bonus points if I don’t need to download any new applications to do it,” I you might add, “because I’m already sending this reel in late!

Well, your geek probably needs to know what applications you already have. Here’s how you show them. (well, for Macs. If you’re on a PC you probably have bigger problems than this, anyway.)


Click on your hard drive, then on your Applications folder.

Click the little “Settings” gear thingie at the top and select “Show View Options”.

Adjust the view options to display all your applications in Icon mode, then use the sliders to make the icons as small as possible.

Put the labels to the right of each icon, and futz with the grid spacing until all the icons and their labels are easy to see.

Take a screengrab. (on a Mac, this is SHIFT + COMMAND + 3)

Trim the screengrab and attach it to your whiny, desperate email.

Yay! (Also, I would be a bit of a heel if I didn’t end this by saying thank you to Nick, Reub, Elliott, and Ramón for solving all my interweb problems, again and again and again).

Terry Border’s Funny Photos

May 22, 2010

Terry Border takes funny photos of little things.

First Impressions

This Chap Sticks the Landing

Here’s my favourite pair:

Crushed Rosemary

Why is Rosemary crushed?
Well, unfortunately, in her particular lovestory….

Basil Leaves.