Moff’s Law

January 9, 2010

On how critical thinking about art and pop culture is often stifled by idiots hollering “Caintchoo jus’ stop all this thinkin’ and jus’ ENJOY it??!!” (OMG U GUYZ REMEMBR WHEN DAT HAPPIND ON MAH BLOOG HEER? DAT SUKED SO HARD!!1!!!)

Well, here comes an excellent rant by an io9 contributor named Mott, responding to some turd who tried to shut down a pretty interesting critical conversation about Avatar. The rant is reproduced under the jump here. It’s the best. I’m excited that this has been written.

Via Racialicious.

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What a lovely couple

June 16, 2009

The NYT does lots of lifestyle profiles of really likeable, down to earth, upwardly mobile couples- the kind of people who really appreciate artisanal cheeses after a good reiki session- all playfully underscored by some nice progressive jazz music. This is pretty much the best one ever.


There’s lots more of this awesomeness at the website of comedy troupe KasperHauser.

Oh, and thanks to Elliott for the tip.

Your business card sucks

June 7, 2009

This kind of guy makes me wanna run away fast, but also makes me wanna stay to videotape the madness. I started a new category just for this guy, and Toast from last week. Keep an eye on the “douchebaggery” category for more videos that will make you feel really good about your own social skills.
Thanks to Ryan for the tip.

World record of some type.

June 2, 2009

Is “Toast” here The World’s Fastest Clapper, or The World’s Most Annoying Man? You decide. Watching this clip is kind of like watching The Office. Because, wait. Did you, uh, paint yourself with UV paint and go buy a blacklight so you could clap and do vibrato whistles on the internet? Oh, I see that you, uh, did.

I’m kind of mad at Andrea P for sending this, actually, so I’ll still thank her for the tip, but imagine me doing it in like a pouty voice.