Zombies on the cheap: a feature film made for $70

May 26, 2009

Colin is a new zombie movie where the story is told from the perspective of the zombie. It cost $70 to make and is apparently kicking butt at Cannes.

Reading the article reveals that the $70 budget quote is a bit of a cheat, because the filmmaker worked with professionals who donated their own equipment and supplies to the project, including makeup that was left over from the X-men movie. It’s not like he and my Auntie Beulah did this on their cel-phone cams in their backyard in York Region, and it’s not necessarily a business model that just anyone can repeat. Still makes me want to see the film, though.

Via my buddy Craig‘s Facebook wall.

Relatedly, here’s a link to a super-awesome 2-minute zombie movie, created as a trailer for the Raindance Film Festival. Well worth watching.

Adventure camping is not for everyone: some girls feel untidy without access to a hot shower.

Adventure camping is not for everyone: some girls feel untidy without access to a hot shower.

Question: Is it wrong to label a post about zombies in Cannes with my disgusting things in cans tag?
Answer: If that’s wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

Disgusting things in cans that should not have been canned, Volume One

May 1, 2009

Time for a new blog series!

Let’s get this going right with Exhibit A:

canned whole chicken

Wow, sounds like a real timesaver! And it looks pretty good on the label, hey? Let’s crank open that can and see.


Hey look, schmaltz! (Excuse me, did you say something? Oh you were just retching quietly with your mouth shut? Sorry, my bad.)
Let’s birth this bird from its tin canal.


Ooh, it comes with a nice clear gristle jelly, I didn’t see that little extra on the label. It’s sure to be flavourful.
I think it’s time to brown up this bird in a nice warm oven.


Note that this poor carcass has been cooked not once but twice and still can’t manage to get a decent colour on. Also, is it just me, or does this chicken bear an uncomfortable resemblance to Ötzi the Iceman?
(Too soon?)

If you want to know more about this chicken (and who wouldn’t, really) Tracy’s full story (and a link to lots more great photos) is here.

Also, unbelievably, a British man with terrible judgement ate a canned chicken that was 50 years old… and he lived!
Via Metafilter.