Ees da tack see ohn eets wey?

November 25, 2010

My friend Michelle sent me this. I turned it up very loud and marched in place for a few minutes. I’m in really good shape now.

What it’s like to be an unfunny girl.

November 23, 2010

Wendy Molyneux tried to write something funny, but couldn’t because she’s just a woman.

I tried on all my clothes, and I felt better until I tried on one pair of pants that didn’t fit me anymore. And then I totally started to cry again, because I am so fat. I cried for a little while on the floor while my cats crawled all over me, purring and being symbols of how lonely I am. My cats love to be symbols of my loneliness. Sometimes, I have to be like, “Stop signifying so loudly guys, I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy!”

Aw man, so embarassing for her, it is really not funny at all. Read it here.

GSP willing to share office supplies… maybe.

November 23, 2010

Actually, I’d trust GSP in this context. Maybe not some of those other MMAniacs, though.
Thanks to Helder for the tip.

Welcome to the Internet

November 19, 2010

Hey you guys, I just found this brand-new (read: ten years old), totally unknown (read: suuper freakin popular), little (big) blog! You guys should check it out before anyone else knows about it. It’s called Pioneer Woman and it’s written by a lady who lives on a ranch. Like seriously, that cowboy is her actual husband, and there was a snake in her yard and she has horses and sometimes there are prairie fires. And she’s funny. Yep. Welcome to the Internet, you guys. Thank goodness I’m here to show you all the new stuff.

The Shire is now home to sheep

November 16, 2010


The New Zealand location that the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy used as the site of Hobbiton was never fully demolished, and now the cute little sod homes have cute little new tenants. Basically Bilbo’s house has become a sheepfold / petting zoo. More pics here. I like this.
Via MeFi.

What I’ve been looking at

November 16, 2010

Some pics that caught my eye online this week:

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Pet Owl = Flying Cat

November 15, 2010

Thanks to Jess for the tip.

“Late Night Bacon” by Rachael Ray

November 12, 2010

Rachael Ray posted a “recipe” explaining how to make bacon on paper towels in the microwave. (um. bacon. paper towels. microwave.)

The comments are really funny:

Hi Rach, read this and right away I wanted to try it but I didnt have paper towels so I figured Id just hold it while I microwave it, its only a couple minutes and I figured I would be eating it right away any how. My hand kinda hurt and then I didnt feel much like eating after. Im sure its fantastic. Got to go now typing with one hand is pretty tricky. I think pictures would have helpful. Bye.

I tried a variation of this recipe, I put the whole pig in a brown paper bag and the results were equally stunning.

I made this in my EZ bake oven. It took nine days. On the fourth day, the bulb burnt out so I replaced it with one from a tanning bed. Five days later, out came Snooki.
How do I get her to leave?

Go here for more.
Thanks, Peneycad.

PS, everyone knows the proper way to make bacon is to cover it in sugar.

Gilda Radner and Steve Martin: Dancing in the Dark

November 11, 2010

Here’s a fantastic, classic SNL sketch; Gilda Radner and Steve Martin’s Dancing in the Dark.

So many things to love here. First of all, they can both really dance, and it’s equally fun to be impressed at their grace as to laugh at their silliness. And it’s so great to see a silent sketch like this. So much sketch comedy devolves into talking heads; it’s fun to see physicality. It’s beautifully-rehearsed and precise. And the punchline at the end is so satisfying.

I always forget that Gilda Radner died so young- she should totally still be alive and guest-starring on TV shows; what a sad loss.

Here, go watch this for three gorgeous minutes.
Thanks to Ali Eisner for facebooking this!

Look Around You: Music in the Year 2000

November 10, 2010

The fact that I listened to this four times and laughed really loudly all alone in my apartment might be proof that I’ve taken three too many dodgeballs to the head.