Cougars and Catwalks

Cougar sent me a new pair of boots to talk about: the style’s called Marla.

They’re an interesting combination of practicality and cuteness:
warm, waterproof, cold-weather hiking booties… with 3-inch heels.

I like to combine the practical with the cute, so I chose to model these while trying to take my reluctant cat for a walk.

Please to enjoy.


One thing about cats is that they don’t particularly like being “walked”. This can lead to conflict.

face hit

And/or lots of waiting around.


So, when walking a cat, it’s important to have comfortable feet, since no doubt the animal will stubbornly crouch in the grass and refuse to move for long periods of time.


I’m sure some very complex thoughts are happening in that fluffy head.

I’m talking about my head, not the cat’s head.


Man, my cat is adorable. Ok, look at the boots. The shearling interiors are nice and warm. The man-made, PVC-free outers are waterproof.


The laces are long enough that I decided to try a new thing and wrap them under the boot before I tied them. I dunno, I’m just an innovator, I guess.

My rating on these is a yes.

Mojo pretty much agreed, then wanted to go back inside.


Thanks to Cougar Boots and Matchstick Promotions for the boot hookup!

PS – If you’d like to read about the last time I got boots in the mail, and then made my mailman photograph me, go here.

12 Responses to Cougars and Catwalks

  1. Anonymous says:

    Those are some nice looking boots! I’d like to see how they do in the rain and if I could bike in them. I’m going to see if they have them at The Bay!

  2. Andrea Scott says:

    They look great! Can I get them at The Bay?

  3. elliott says:

    Wow those boots are so smokin’ with you in them.

  4. Penny says:

    i always love it when there’s a new blog post. ba dum bum ching! you and your feet are looking pretty spiffy.

  5. Sonnig says:

    What a beautiful winter boot!

  6. Kelly says:

    i dig ’em–the heel doesn’t look too high and the tread seems substantial. i’d walk those down to soho.

  7. alisonjutzi says:

    How comfortable are they, bearing in mind that my feet aren’t comfortable unless they are wrapped in pillows…and I’m lying down?

    • stamp says:

      They are less comfortable than being wrapped in pillows, but more comfortable than being wrapped in bacon. Please don’t ask me how I can say this with such confidence.

  8. helderbrum says:

    Those boots look super cute! They look really warm. Glad to hear you like them so much, I need to get new boots for winter, gonna check out what they have in their men’s selection. Also, pretty adorable cat!

  9. Melissa says:

    Love the boots. Love the cat. Love the total package. You can never go wrong with blue laces. NEVER!

  10. Anonymous says:

    You must be from etobicoke with boots like that – just remember to leave the untied and trailing behind you……….

  11. jmatotek says:

    Those boots are hot. WANT.

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