Michael Jackson and Alfonso Ribiero

Remember The Fresh Prince’s cousin Carlton Banks? Little Alfonso Ribiero was a badass moonwalker.

One Response to Michael Jackson and Alfonso Ribiero

  1. Soo… got to your page totally searching for something else and bam saw the video had the flashback and reveled in nostalgia.

    Then my love/hate for Alfonso arose again… you see my name happens to be Carlton and I’ve been the target of every Fresh Prince joke known to man.

    I told myself that if I ever see him in person I’m going to demand some kind of justice (okay so my plan hadn’t been fully thought out). So one Superbowl I find myself at the Playboy mansion watching the game for a charity event. Everything was copasetic until I turned right into Alfonso and locked gazes with him. All of the memories of childhood came flushing back. What would I do, what would I say. As my mind raced with possibilities of finally getting back… I heard my friend giggle breaking my concentration and pushing me closer to him turning me around and FLASH… wait what the hell… Alfonso walked off and all I had left was this stupid surprised look on my face… and a picture of Alfonso with me.

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