WIN a SmartPhone with a free 3-month phone plan!

We have a winner! (Sorry for the delay in announcing it). The HTC SmartPhone and 3-month Mobilicity Talk & Text plan goes to….

Comment # 16, Laura! Congratulations, Laura. Please use your phone for the good of mankind.

Mobilicity gave me an HTC Snap SmartPhone to give away! The recipient gets the phone to keep, as well as a 3-month Mobilicity Unlimited Talk & Text contract.

Your phone may, or may not, appear to be sideways when it arrives at your house. If it is, just rotate it, ya dingus!

How do you win this phone?

Just leave 1 or 2 comments on this post. In your comment, mention
something you might phone or text with this phone
that you might regret later.

(It can be funny, sweet, embarrassing, or whatever; just keep it clean).

Make sure your comment includes a valid email address, which will be confidential and only visible to me. It’s fine by me if you enter with the intention of giving this phone as a gift- I’m sure some of your parents or luddite friends could use a cool SmartPhone, so go ahead and try to win this one for them. As long as it ultimately goes to an adult who lives in Canada (excluding Quebec), it’s fine.

You may enter up to twice per email address.
I’ll pick the winner on the afternoon of January 3.

Fine print:
The free 3-month plan includes local calling, texts, picture messaging, in-province long distance, voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, 3-way calling, and call forwarding. You do not have to sign a contract with Mobilicity; at the end of the 3 months you can choose to continue the plan, or it will be terminated. The phone is yours to keep either way (it’s worth about $175). This contest is open to Canadian residents (except Quebec, desolée!) who are over 18. I don’t think there’s any tricky stuff attached- the company who’s managing this promotion is great. Email me if you have questions.

Remember, you can enter TWICE per email address.


38 Responses to WIN a SmartPhone with a free 3-month phone plan!

  1. ashlyn says:

    fun contest!
    here’s my message:

    hi hon, i tried to reach you but you didn’t pick up! bringing home a surprise – 10 kittens!

  2. tory says:

    can you bring home pizza? you pick the toppings.

  3. felix says:

    going to be late bc i slept in.

  4. Anil says:

    Hey, hey!!!!

  5. megan says:

    Just met this totally hot older guy and it was flirting central! What time is our ‘meet your parents dinner’ again?

  6. maria says:

    I might text my sister that i got a new phone and then she might want my old one!

  7. maria says:

    Sure hope i don’t do a drunk text!

  8. angela says:

    Well if i won this home i might text my husband some naughty texts…only i hope i programmed all the numbers in or that would be embarrassing!

  9. angela says:

    Don’t park in the garage. I installed a stripper pole while drunk and it’s kinda in the way.

  10. I might text you over and over and over telling you how happy I am that I have this new phone. That could get embarrassing.

  11. OR I could not text you at all to say how grateful I am for the new phone that would be equally embarrassing. Wow. I’m going to have to tread a fine line with this aren’t I?

  12. Helder says:

    “Hey man, thanks for the Jenga for my birthday. How does it work?”

  13. devan says:

    I told you never to text me on this phone. Use the prepaid like we agreed.

  14. devan says:

    I told you never to text me on this phone. Use the prepaid like we agreed.

  15. Laura Wilson says:

    Sure, I’ll pick up that shift for you.

  16. fokxxy says:

    for sure I would drunk text my best friend with this phone!! lol.

  17. Laura Wilson says:

    Sucks to your assmar, old phone, who edits my corespondence by only allowing select texts to be sent and recieved, I’ve got a fancy new sideways HTC Snap SmartPhone. How do you like them apples?

  18. fokxxy says:

    I would probably call vilmark and tell him about your contest.. but only once I won the phone and it was over.. cause man.. that guy has horseshoes!! :P

  19. vilmark says:

    I’d text my bf that I want to nibble her neck.

  20. vilmark says:

    4am drunk text to bff about her amazing mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  21. Jan says:

    I dont have Cell phone I need this one. Hope I get one.

  22. christina says:

    I would probably text my boss (that has the same name as 2 of my friends by accident) and tell her how sick I am that I can’t come to work, then text her again thinking it’s my other friend (with the same name) that I’ll meet her at the mall when really I gotta work…

  23. mark says:

    i would sent every one my new phone number with this special message YOU CAN’T TELL A FISH BY HER VOICE ON THE TELEPHONE ?

  24. mark says:

    i would text my HONEY and tell her i’ll BEE home soon and all the rest of the days BUZZ!!!!

  25. jen says:

    I would have to text Foxxy and say thank you hunny bun:)

  26. BJ says:

    not sure how ur gona choose the winner…will probably message my frens tellin how i won the fone :)

  27. Sam Mooney says:

    Florida was brrry cold, glad to be home

  28. Kiki says:

    Would probably txt all my friend about my awesome win and then have to put up with all their greedy replies of, “When you gonna win one for me?”

  29. Chris says:

    Yeah, Um… I hate to tell you… but I found out… you might want to go see your doctor and get checked… Sorry!


  30. Megan says:

    Just saw a show that was okay, but the sound design was TERRIBLE…

    True story – a person I know didn’t check the program to see who did the design before complaining about it to someone she knew (who, of course, had done the sound design).

  31. John says:

    I’d slap her page, if you know what I mean…

  32. MissT says:

    Dial a guys # at 3am and get accused of booty calling him

  33. MissT says:

    Send a text msg while inebriated confessing my love for some guy I just met. I hope not but I have made regretful texts in that state of mind.

  34. sueedworthy says:

    darling I love you. My gift to you in 2011 is never again having to press the number seven four times to even begin to spell my name.

  35. Sundra says:

    If I won the phone, I would text: “I don’t know what your read on Stamp’s blog, but I definitely DID NOT win a new smart phone. I can’t get emails on my phone, so I can only respond to rehearsal notes from home — and after I finish watching Season 5 of 30 Rock.”

    The regrettable, embarassing part will be when the phone rings at the following production metting… “What? This, no, I uh… bought this… uh, this morning…”

  36. Oskars says:

    I might text the teachers that I won this phone, while I’m in class.

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