Scotch, mmm.

Macallan Scotch invited me to a tasting last week, and before they’d even finished the question I was like YES YES OK YES PLEASE.

The event was held in a tastefully-lit room filled with an assortment of delectable cheese and my friend Steve.

The above photo depicts Steve, not cheese.
Although I see how that could be confusing.

All varieties of this scotch are aged for years, which is funny when you think of the time in terms of pop culture.

A twelve-year old scotch was first distilled while There’s Something About Mary was out in theatres and Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On was causing headaches everywhere.

An eight-year old scotch remembers the first Spider-Man movie.

An eighteen year old scotch was just a wee babby when Kris Kross was makin’ us all Jump-Jump and Whitney Houston promised to Always Love Me (she totally has not followed through on that, though. Just saying).

Some things I learned:

Macallan ages its scotch in casks that originally held Spanish sherry. Using second-hand barrels isn’t a budget-cutting tactic; the sherry residue actually adds complexity to the scotch, and in fact Macallan subsidizes the production of Spanish sherry well beyond its real-world market demand, simply because the byproduct of sherry production is ideal scotch-casks.

The best way to sniff scotch is to inhale through your nose, but with your mouth slightly open. While having a slack jaw might make you look a little simple-minded, it also allows you to taste the aromatics instead of just blowtorching your sinuses with volatile aclohol.

Old scotch tastes reeeallly good with dark chocolate.

I took horrible photos of everything. Exhibit A:

According to my photographic record, the event was held on top of a jackhammer during a laser show and also all the people were melting.
All the good-looking photos used in this post were grabbed from the professional photos on the Macallan Canada Facebook page.
Not really something I learned, but bears mentioning.

After tasting five kinds of scotch, I care waaay less if it’s cold outside.

Finally, I dropped by the Tuesday Night Special comedy show at the Drake after the tasting, where I learned that scotch tastings can make comedy shows extra-hilarious as well.

Thanks to Matchstick and the Macallan Canada for a fun night.

Here’s a 5-click survey which doesn’t ask for any personal info. For each completed survey, $2 will be donated to the Red Cross.

One Response to Scotch, mmm.

  1. JB says:

    I can’t even express how jealous I am of you going to this! The Macallan 12 was the first “real” scotch I tried, which got me hooked on scotch as my drink of choice.


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