Cougar Boots

Cougar sent me two pairs of winter boots to talk about here on my bloog. They must have caught wind of the fact that I like cats, or younger men, or warm feet, any one of those, really. Can I tell you about how hard my life is? Because it was really difficult to photograph my new boots, waah!

The day I planned to photograph the first pair, I was playing online poker really really busy. By the time I got around to it, the sky was juuust starting to darken, so I got dressed as quickly as I could and ran outside to discover that, oh yeah, daylight savings time, and oh yeah, it takes me forever to get ready. So oh yeah, it was pretty much pitch-black and freezing outside.

No natural light. But no worries; I figured using the flash would give the photos a gritty, edgy look, like wildlife photography. You know, like I’m just a lil’ cougar drinking at a watering hole and what’s this trip-wire thingie… and KUH-FLASH, now I’m a centrefold in National Geographic.

What used to be a field of tomatoes tied to hockey sticks is now a luxuriant swamp of leaves, aka my backyard. Jealous? Well, maybe you need an elderly Italian landlord then.

I like these boots a lot. It was damn cold out when I was taking these pics, and the rest of me was frozen solid, but my feet were toasty. The boots are comfy and rugged, and the laces slide smoothly in little rings so they’re very easy to tighten. The style is called Ringo. I didn’t try them on drums or toy trains, but they’re good for feet.

Who me? Oh nothing, just boot modelling by a lamp post.

They’re also rated to -30′ weather, which is handy because that’s pretty much the temperature inside my apartment all winter. Jealous? Well, maybe you need an elderly Italian landlord then.

(Just kidding, my landlord is suuuper nice, and it’s 100% not his fault my apartment is cold. It’s David Suzuki’s fault because I feel guilty turning up the heat.)

(Just kidding, I love the ‘Zukes too, like a lot. Seriously. We’re buds.
By “buds” I might mean “One time I followed him down the street in Vancouver for two blocks but then I got shy and hid behind a bus shelter instead of saying hi to him”.)

Suuuper casual, guys.

To photograph the second pair of boots, I planned much more carefully, by which I mean I managed to get dressed before the sun went down, so my neighbours could photograph me in natural light.

But then my neighbours just… weren’t there. They’re photographers, and I pretty much expect them to be hanging around on their porch all day, ready and waiting to photograph me on one second’s notice. But for some reason, they weren’t sitting conveniently in the cold waiting to do totally random, unplanned favours for me, the nerve.

Biting back my rage, I set up my camera’s timer function and balanced it cleverly on a chair. Because, you guys, I totally do not need any help in order to take awesome photos of my footwear.

I rest my case. Wait, what does that saying mean, again?

Luckily, just then, my mailman wandered by. Well, luckily for me, because it meant I now had a photographer.

Much better!

Maybe not quiiite as lucky for my mailman, because it meant he now had
a lunatic me, forcing inviting him to pose for ridiculous cool matching pics.

Canada Post, you guys. Now THIS is service.

Seriously, my mailman is awesome. Dude takes good photos, too.

Just crouching by a tree like I do. You know how it is.

Also dude is an incredibly good sport.

Totally standard working day.

Thanks, Mailman David, for the mad photography and modelling skillz. He also delivered some socks I bought on eBay, and a flyer about pizza.
So. Win-win-win, you guys.

Oh yeah, and the boots.

Yes, non?

This style is called the Tibet. They’re waterproof, flock-lined, warm, and rated to -24′. I like the little work-socks cuff detail, which can be neatly folded down, or scrunched up if you’re badass. I haate all weather that isn’t sunny, but this year I’m almost looking forward to the rain and snow because these boots are warm and cute.

In summation, I’m a fan of Cougar Boots.

Excited, scared, or just a natural athlete? You decide.

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18 Responses to Cougar Boots

  1. andrea says:

    woweeeeee! best blog post evahh. you are funny and cute and the mailman thing cracked me up! love the 2nd pair of boots. do you think it’s appropriate for me to own ANOTHER pair of rain boots? just askin’.

    so exciting!

  2. Kelly says:

    ummmm. those boots are soo powerful that they can (briefly, i’m sure) divert a postal carrier where rain, sleet and snow cannot? UH-mazing. two thumbs up.

  3. Alison says:


    Great boots! I wish we had the same size of feet.

  4. jessperson says:

    This post made me cry with the giggles – def. need Cougar boots to save my feet from my teary eyes now.
    They look really waterproof and like they’d be great for Vancougar.

  5. Joao Paulo C. says:

    Nice boots! Hilarious post, I wish my postman was as cool as yours! :)

  6. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE both pairs of boots but I think I’m partial to the first pair since I’m going to be in Edmonton for the month of March and it will be MAD cold at that time of year, right? I find that most mailmen are cool, it’s TTC where you’re hit or miss….but, anyhoo….
    cute skirt!

  7. Andrea Scott says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE both pairs of boots but I think I’m partial to the first pair since I’m going to be in Edmonton for the month of March and it will be MAD cold at that time of year, right? I find that most mailmen are cool, it’s TTC where you’re hit or miss….but, anyhoo….
    cute skirt!

  8. Hillery H says:

    Don’t disrespect my man David S.! Very cute boots.

  9. jennyhead says:

    can i tell you how much i love that your mailman got involved in this post? there. i told you. adorbs.

  10. pasha says:

    I love LOVE LOVE! the tall lace up boots! I’d totally wear them- but the shorter rain looking boots are a great alternative to the fashionable Hunter Rain- and I’m sure- more reasonable priced. My question: Are those socks? Or are they attached to the boot? I also love your mail mail. How did you work that out and does he come with the boots?

  11. pasha says:

    sorry- you answered the sock question. my bad!

  12. Leslie says:

    Your mailman is kinda hot.

  13. elliott says:

    wow, i am totally buying a pair

  14. […] and I hear that they had someone send them something awesome for free.  My friend Nicole was sent a couple of pairs of awesome boots, for example.  Kelly Oxford was sent boots, too.  The Bloggess was sent body […]

  15. Megan says:

    your mailman is yummy. I would like to exchange mailmen now.

  16. […] to read about the last time I got boots in the mail, and then made my mailman photograph me, go here. Advertisement Eco World Content From Across The Internet. Featured on EcoPressed Simple […]

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