“Late Night Bacon” by Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray posted a “recipe” explaining how to make bacon on paper towels in the microwave. (um. bacon. paper towels. microwave.)

The comments are really funny:

Hi Rach, read this and right away I wanted to try it but I didnt have paper towels so I figured Id just hold it while I microwave it, its only a couple minutes and I figured I would be eating it right away any how. My hand kinda hurt and then I didnt feel much like eating after. Im sure its fantastic. Got to go now typing webmd.com with one hand is pretty tricky. I think pictures would have helpful. Bye.

I tried a variation of this recipe, I put the whole pig in a brown paper bag and the results were equally stunning.

I made this in my EZ bake oven. It took nine days. On the fourth day, the bulb burnt out so I replaced it with one from a tanning bed. Five days later, out came Snooki.
How do I get her to leave?

Go here for more.
Thanks, Peneycad.

PS, everyone knows the proper way to make bacon is to cover it in sugar.


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