Gilda Radner and Steve Martin: Dancing in the Dark

Here’s a fantastic, classic SNL sketch; Gilda Radner and Steve Martin’s Dancing in the Dark.

So many things to love here. First of all, they can both really dance, and it’s equally fun to be impressed at their grace as to laugh at their silliness. And it’s so great to see a silent sketch like this. So much sketch comedy devolves into talking heads; it’s fun to see physicality. It’s beautifully-rehearsed and precise. And the punchline at the end is so satisfying.

I always forget that Gilda Radner died so young- she should totally still be alive and guest-starring on TV shows; what a sad loss.

Here, go watch this for three gorgeous minutes.
Thanks to Ali Eisner for facebooking this!

10 Responses to Gilda Radner and Steve Martin: Dancing in the Dark

  1. Helder says:

    This video made my head cold go away. The best!

  2. I remember when Saturday Night Live annouced that Gilda Radner had died. Steve Martin introduced this clip as a tribute to her. It was a beautiful and fun sketch.


  3. Sydney He says:

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  4. Enkidu says:

    Here I am on MLK Day 2011 remembering Gilda. It was a Friday in 1978, and at 26 I had just finished the drive from Los Angeles to NYC. The goal was to be in the audience for SNL the next day. I walked from the Americana Hotel to a deserted Rockefeller Center, arriving about 11pm. I hadn’t slept in the previous 36 hours. The guard under the NBC marquee let me know if I wanted tickets to be in line by 6am Saturday morning. Dismayed that might not happen due to my extreme fatigue, I walked over to the solitude of the taxi stand for a ride back to the hotel. Suddenly Gilda appeared like an angel, full of energy, and stood close beside me. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a joint, asking her if she would like to get high. She grabbed it, and we vanished into the night in the back of that cab smoking, telling stories, and having a good old time. When we parted in front of the Americana about 6am after bar-hoping (including Woody Allen playing sax) she handed me her last pass for the evening’s performance, hosted by Steve Martin and including the wonderful “Dancing in the Dark.” I have never been the same since. I imagine you are with Lucile Ball performing comedy skits in heaven. God bless you Gilda, and thank you again for a wonderful time. You left us way to soon.

  5. […] story is true, but I just found it in a comment on that Gilda Radner / Steve Martin dance duet I posted a couple months ago, and it’s kinda […]

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  9. jane says:

    I am unable to play this video on my computer!! Any suggestions? Thanks, Jane Gilda and Steve dancing…..

  10. I Like Your Site. Thanks

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