Ransack The Universe – Vintage stuff, Toronto

The other day I wandered into a Toronto vintage shop, only to discover that (a) it’s full of full of cool stuff, and (b) it’s run by some people I’d already met. Small world (still wouldn’t wanna paint it, though, haaa).

The shop’s called Ransack the Universe and they sell all kinds of stuff made by indie artists and crafters, along with awesome vintage finds.

Look at these amazing vintage pictures I bought. I think they’re meant to be classroom art; I fell for them because they reminded me of early 1980s Sesame Street clips:

This one’s my favourite, look at that dreamy little face:

I also drooled over, but managed not to purchase, this wire-art Unicorn.

The shop is huge (a whole basement level) and totally packed with great stuff- books, kitsch, clothes, furniture. I browsed for almost an hour and still kept finding more cool things.

photo by Valerie Marchand.

I also liked these screen-printed T-shirts by local artist Michelle Bemister (that’s her on the right, accompanied by my old roommates-turned-models, Leslie and K).

Ransack the Universe is located at Bloor & Lansdowne (1207 Bloor, below 69Vintage). Mention you read this and get 10% your purchase for the month of November. Yaaaaa.


3 Responses to Ransack The Universe – Vintage stuff, Toronto

  1. Hillery H says:

    How on earth did you resist the unicorn string-art?? (Which is what it actually appears to be. I once bought a book on Ebay about how to make awesome string art, someday to be cracked – and mastered! – by me when I have time to be crafty again)

  2. Leslie says:

    If you or your loved ones have a fetish for:
    All of the above
    Ransack is for you
    They even have an antique glass and rubber breast pump. Something for everyone!

  3. […] that we are pretty awesome. More awesome than even we think we are. Check out the blog post on Ransack and all other musings featuring all that is funny and genius on the […]

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