Bravo, Peneycad

Hi everybunny! It’s me, Stamp. Remember meee? I’m baaack after a whirlwind of fun at Tiff followed by a disgusting cold that I no doubt caught off a dodgeball.

Thanks youse times ones millions to my homie, the amazing guest blogger
Andrea Peneycad for holding down the fort while I was off gallivanting-and-blowing-my-nose.

Fig. 1: Artistic rendering of Andrea Peneycad waving byebyebye for now to readers of this blog.

She did a kickass job of writing thoughtful and funny introductions to all the well-curated links she found and posted here during the month of September. I’m doing my best to convince her to start her own blog (this involves me doing a lot of loud whining of words like PLEEEEEEASE, and her saying MAYBE ONE DAY) so stay tuned for that, because you know I’ll feature it here when she does. Thanks, Andrea!


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