Here is an adorable video of a porcupine acting like a puppy. Now I would like one small pine pet please.

Here is a porcupine I met at Science North in Sudbury when I was there on a shoot a while back. His name is Quillan. All he wants to do is nap and eat sweet potatoes. You can pet him if you want. Only in one direction, though.

I learned that porcupines have three kinds of fur: very long thin yellow hairs that feel like cat whiskers, a thick coat of crinkly, oily, dark brown fur, and stiff, hollow, yellow and black quills buried in the fur. If you pet them, they leave a kind of shiny dark dirt on your fingers, kind of like petting a farm dog. The grease in porcupine fur smells like a mixture of cats and motor oil.

And that is what I know about porcupines.
Video via OMGblog.


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