Excited dog & laughing baby

Here’s a very excited shetland sheepdog totally cracking up a baby. Best moment comes around 1:37 when the kid falls over; watch the dog. So cute.

Via MeFi.


63 Responses to Excited dog & laughing baby

  1. Jessica says:

    I saw this video on YouTube recently and it is one of cutest things I have ever seen.

  2. Now that is adorable. Made me laugh and smile.

  3. Lulu says:

    hehe soooo cute!

  4. Diah says:

    I’m laughing with the baby. I almost fall from my chair too, chuckling ;)

  5. upuptown says:

    HAHA!! funnny video

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  6. quanticoboot says:

    Great video thanks for the laugh I have a one year old boy and two dachshund dogs and they do the same thing. kids just laughs n laughs at the dogs. The Dogs are probably my sons favorite toy even though he has a room full of toys he seems to enjoy crawling after the dog or playing tug with the dog more then anything else. Need to get my video recorder out more often.

  7. So cute! Definitely put a smile on my face.

  8. Tara Aarness says:

    What a great dog and youngin’! Reminds me of our dog who acts very similar. Thanks for makin’ my day! :)

  9. pinky says:

    oh, really very practical at all but I like his video
    http://theidiotgame.com source

  10. justaddh2o says:

    soo adorable it makes me miss the days when my kids were at that age (now 9 and 13) thank you

  11. theplayside says:

    oh adorable! i must repost. i have the same reaction to excited dogs. :) thx for this!

  12. allythebell says:

    That’s awesome. Shelties and babies are two of my favourite things.

  13. tightknot says:

    my kids are crackin up

  14. Marvi Marti says:

    That just made my afternoon, still chuckling!


  15. Summer says:

    LOVE the video!!
    It’s soooooooo CUTE!!

  16. pink magic says:

    made my day! although i’ve always been hesitate to put larger dogs around small children, but I guess collies are a more caring breed

  17. So funny and cute! I don’t have kids but love watching stuff like this!



  18. Loved this! Thanks for sharing.

  19. norwegianartist says:

    It’s hard to tell you is having more fun — the baby or the dog.

  20. savvy4u says:

    thats soooooo cute! Love it

  21. xrvolume says:

    Hey! Great Post & Very Funny!

    your friends, XR VOLUME

  22. kelliejwin says:

    If only we could all be so easily amused at something so simple!

  23. Crissy says:

    aaaaaaaaawwwwwww…this is so cute… :-) thanks for sharing!

  24. Songbird says:

    Love it!! Such a happy little clip- started my day ont he right foot this morning!

  25. M says:

    this is so sweet!

  26. Sheila says:

    I like when the dog kisses (licks) the boy at the end. Love it! So adorable and precious.

  27. SimpleB says:

    That was so adorable! I am sure I will have a smile on my face for the rest of the day because of this!

  28. natinanorton says:

    Okay. So I think we’ve all seen every version of the “Excited Dog & Laughing Baby” video on YouTube about a THOUSAND times now… but dang it, this one is STILL freakin’ adorable, especially the end! :)



  29. OC says:

    Adorable! :)

  30. jsmith425 says:

    Very adorable. What a sweet baby and dog!

  31. Linda says:

    It might be good for everyone to watch that every morning so as to start the day with a great big belly laugh.

  32. jaya008 says:

    wow really cute nice video..:)

  33. marcys says:

    Babies and Dogs: The best things in life!

  34. ambientinteractions says:

    Fricken CUUUTE

  35. newsicare says:

    That’s so lovely video. It gives me a day. Thanks Nicole for this!

  36. gmomj says:

    Babies and dogs?
    What could be better?????
    Thanks for that.

  37. Solange says:

    That was awesome!! Thanks for sharing. The video made my day. :)

  38. soratothamax says:

    LOL Adorable baby! Adorable doggie!

  39. babytyche08 says:

    What a playful dog and a gorgeous laugh that darling boy has. This dog seriously beats a lot of babysitters I know who often fails in bringing out smiles off children.

  40. I’d like my pug to play with me right now like that. It looked fun. Instead he’s cashed out on the couch because it’s 80 degrees.

  41. Chantal says:

    I cannot stop watching. I have never seen something so cute. When I am having a rough day, I will watch this video, which makes me happy…because there is enough sadness, hatred, sickness, evil and pain in this world. It’s nice to smile. Thanks for sharing.

  42. Sara says:

    My dog does the same thing. All you have to do is stand up and yell “Rawr” playfully (like you would with a child). He runs around like that and comes back for more. It’s really cute. The dog and baby seem really good together. Thanks for posting!

  43. lilabyrd says:

    That is so cute! My cats used to do that with my kids when they got bored…..not the kids…..when the cats got bored…lol… looked like the dog was doing what it was breed to do….herd little critters…. lol…. :}

  44. alex qwa says:

    nice post, thx buddy.

  45. robertdunk says:

    so funny

  46. hisfool says:

    LOL! I don’t usually go for cute animal things, but my curiosity was piqued and so I did. Glad I did that was so much fun!

  47. Pat says:

    There is no greater tonic than a child’s laughter!

  48. Mr.Saeed says:

    It’s really interesting. But what fascinates me most is the child’s bravery.

  49. Dunati says:

    Babyies are always cute!

  50. Jules says:

    I can’t wait for our little one to be fully laughing like this young boy. Here’s our angels first laugh too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrKQtCi4aC4

  51. hasnat says:

    Amazing a baby “Mica McArthur” has surprised millions of people due his inspiring laugh at rip of paper

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