How to annoy your supergeek slightly less

Maybe you’re like me and you have a few friends who are computer wizards. And maybe you’re also like me in that you ask them inane intelligent computer questions all the time. “Hey, how do I export audio out of a Quicktime to make it into an mp3?” I you might say. “Bonus points if I don’t need to download any new applications to do it,” I you might add, “because I’m already sending this reel in late!

Well, your geek probably needs to know what applications you already have. Here’s how you show them. (well, for Macs. If you’re on a PC you probably have bigger problems than this, anyway.)


Click on your hard drive, then on your Applications folder.

Click the little “Settings” gear thingie at the top and select “Show View Options”.

Adjust the view options to display all your applications in Icon mode, then use the sliders to make the icons as small as possible.

Put the labels to the right of each icon, and futz with the grid spacing until all the icons and their labels are easy to see.

Take a screengrab. (on a Mac, this is SHIFT + COMMAND + 3)

Trim the screengrab and attach it to your whiny, desperate email.

Yay! (Also, I would be a bit of a heel if I didn’t end this by saying thank you to Nick, Reub, Elliott, and Ramón for solving all my interweb problems, again and again and again).


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