Productivity: Minuteur

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My favourite strategy for tackling pretty much anything is to set a timer for 12 minutes, then race it. This is a great trick, because:

1. Even if you’re a bedbound sloth, you can probably motivate yourself to do 12 minutes of something.

2. Starting work is the hard part; once you get into something, you’ll often work longer without even noticing the time pass. Before you know it, you’ll be all done making that beautiful macrame rainbow dress you’ve always wanted, and you can head off to Burning Man knowing you look exactly like a shy librarian who’s trying drugs for the first time.

That night, Olivia twirled and twirled and twirled and twirled and twirled. When morning dawned, the dress was gone, her hair had spontaneously formed dreadlocks, she had become a vegan, and nine months later, her son Starbeam-Phoenix-Feminina was born.

3. If you tend to get distracted (like I do! By super-interesting, important things, like this little bear that could not stop sneezing!), then the timer is a good reminder that OH YEAH BACK TO WORK even though somewhere on the internet probably there are other adorable things with allergies!

4. You can limit how long you spend on things you don’t really want to be doing. Sometimes I have to call people who talk a lot. I like to set a 4-minute timer so I can keep the whole call under 5 minutes. Not that I do that to anyone who reads this blog.

5. Most things take less time than you think. This morning I tidied up my whole apartment in 12 minutes, and the place was a total wreck when I started. It looked like hours of work but the timer proved, as usual, that it was easier than I’d expected. Now it only looks like a partial wreck; thanks, timer!

6. Once you start to figure out how long things take, you’re more likely to do them without quite so much fussing next time. I hated vaccuuming my apartment until I realized it takes me 6 minutes. Now I do it all the time, much to the delight of my neighbours (Hi, Nicolas! VRRROOOOOMMMM)

Minuteur. The only reason I get anything done, ever.

Usually I use a little digital egg timer stopwatch thing for all my timer-racing needs, but I don’t always want to bring it with me. So I downloaded this great free app called Minuteur (if you like it, you might wanna shoot the developer a few bones). It’s a little virtual desktop timer that’s really easy to set; it makes a gentle ticking noise that you can silence if it drives you bonkers, and when the time’s up it alarms and jumps to the front of your desktop and blinks at you. Bam. Easy as… eggs.

Thanks to Reuben for the tip (that link goes to an article he wrote that has some other good productivity advice buried in it).

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31 Responses to Productivity: Minuteur

  1. Raul says:

    It’s funny how time can make people move much quicker. I remember me and my brother making my little sister run and get us things…of course she would make a fuss about it but all we had to do was start counting down from 10…For example, “Dang it, I forgot my socks. Can you go get them from my drawer?” Sister: “No!” Me: “10-9-8-7…” Bam…suddenly the socks were in my hands in less than 10 seconds… :-)

  2. Amir says:

    It works because you are dividing the work into smaller time slots. I use the same trick but instead of using a timer, I use songs as my time keeper. I will likely say “I have to be off the crapper by the time Beyonce finish singing this song”. I just have to be careful I d0n’t press the “loop” button…

  3. whatsnormality says:

    ha, the 12 minute timer, maybe ill be motivated to clean my room?

  4. Very nice. Try doubling things up, too. For example, it takes 2 minutes to warm up a can of soup in the microwave. I can go to the bathroom and wash my hands in exactly two minutes!

  5. shenanitims says:

    This is utterly brilliant!

  6. Anna says:

    Love the picture and the text beneath…hilarious!

  7. stilettoteez says:

    Ok.. I know we are talking about timer’s here.. but.. is that uh.. dress for real?? :)

  8. Marvi Marti says:

    I love this idea! 12 minutes, 5 women, we should be able to get the house whipped into nice shape with this one!

  9. buildidaho says:

    Needs to be 7 minutes

  10. Lisa says:

    I am utterly mistified by things I find on the internet! Your blog is no exception. Honestly, I never thought of timing myself. I loathe house cleaning ask anyone who knows me! Mainly because I always put off for tomorrow what I can do today and than am ultimately overwhelmed by what has to be done. The whole 12 minute timer thing has really set a fire. Now I tell myself 12 minutes and your done. Progress!!! Gotta love it!

  11. essentialsimplicity says:

    It’s quite an interesting concept. But it definitely looks like one that is simple and works.

  12. The egg timer. In my life that never works! Yes, is a big pain there. But, I have a very nice Dad who would eat anything from my hands, wich is very cool. I gave away my timer to my Granny who happens to awake at 6:00 (she was raised in an inner town), so now I just adjust to the sounds of caceroles, spons, loud tv tv spots, Joyful laughs from Johana San Miguel (the chollywood reporter here in Peru). And, I almost forgot, when the day is cold I get away by the beautiful gentle sweetest smile always….knocking at my door and invinting me to have breakfast together. I LOVE my grandma, for now on she is my timer. And she is very good!
    ~Awesome Post! thanks. “)
    ~Great Love to you,
    Mirian from peelingtheorange.

  13. gmomj says:

    you’re brilliant

    There I wrote that in .2 seconds.

  14. natinanorton says:

    Good post. Now if only there was a timer to motivate my family to pick up after themselves. :)


  15. call2write says:

    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

    The timer is a very good idea. You’re right that it’s easier to get motivated when you know how much, or how little time it takes to do something.

  16. Kerry says:

    I’m new to your blog and am already your best friend – I use the timer too but for 15 minutes at a time. it did feel too long so now you have given me permission to reduce it to 12… Great blog. I’m following you from France.

  17. pinky says:

    I do not know if I can do or not within 12 minutes, I usually spend my time eating, drinking sleeping and visiting relatives and friends’ houses or the beginning of the first 60 minutes I spend on play time source

  18. having just read another freshly pressed post about how the internet/facebook/twitter etc is damaging our children’s ability to concentrate, by encouraging tangential thinking and endless internet-surfing sessions, i love this idea!
    i myself have been sitting here in my pyjamas for an hour mindlessly surfing the internet, when i am supposed to be going for a swim. i will give myself 12 minutes for breakfast, and be off!
    great post!

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  20. xiaomoogle says:

    “you can head off to Burning Man knowing you look exactly like a shy librarian who’s trying drugs for the first time.”

    Har har har har har.

    Hi-lar-ious. I love your turn of phrase.

  21. Penny says:

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  23. canlı tv says:

    Thanks for the article ..

  24. 12 minutes? Many types of pasta need that time to be boiled right. It’s also 1/5th of an hour. It’s also 720 seconds. 1/120th of one day. Where does this 12 minutes come from?

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  26. Rhonda says:

    Great post. My friends complain about how much time Fbook wastes, which I don’t get. It only takes about 10 minutes to buzz through, check up on your friends and say hello. I think facebook is a great place to start using an egg timer!

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