What a good question.

My lovely friend Lauren, who is utterly perfume-obsessed, asked her FB friends what their favourite smells are. I discovered I was delighted to answer:

clean concrete stairwells (particularly the ones on the ryerson campus),
belgian waffles,
summer nights in the city,
chocolate cigarillos,
vinyl erasers from the 1980s (and the scented vivienne westwood jelly shoes of today that mimic them),
l’oreal lipstick,
the baked-on sunshine smell of my dad’s shirt after mowing the lawn,
unsmoked cigarettes (so raisiny!),
ivory soap,
fresh-ground coffee beans,
axe body spray “dark temptations” chocolate scent (and only that scent of all axe’s many offerings, thank you),
black tea,
coca cola,
garlic in a frying pan,
crabapple blossoms,
that crisp snowy smell from a new feather duvet,
smoked meat,
bread in the oven,
baby lotion,
day-old boy neck,
my cats’ tummies.


4 Responses to What a good question.

  1. cassbike says:

    But too, what about the Ocean as twilight becomes evening….Ah, it still resonates in some “nose” part of my brain.

    I will look to Axe now, just your cited variety.

  2. Lynn says:

    I like strange smells. The smell of the ice in a big hockey rink (which is less a smell and more your nose feeling cold, I guess!) and I like musty basements (until the point they get moldy!). I also like lilac, but that’s a bit more normal :D

  3. Amanda says:


  4. Leslie P says:

    I knew someone who liked the smell of rubber boots. I wouldn’t say that she ever made a trip specifically, but she did enjoy Wal-Mart in the spring.

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