I’ve been saving cartons for the past few months- I have a craft idea in mind. Today I rinsed out this beauty and then took a closer look at it.

Before we go any further, look at that flower arrangement in the background. Pretty, right? I invented that to class-up the vacant downstairs apartment in the house I live in; we’re looking for some new tenants and I’m hoping to find someone elegantly refined enough to appreciate my taste in floral arrangements. Or someone who doesn’t fart too loud, either would be fine.

Ok, back to the carton. Let’s look a little closer, shall we?

Really? Is that what it tastes like?

I think all copywriters must secretly be 11 year old boys.


4 Responses to Really?

  1. Nick says:

    Any day now, this is gonna go the way of other old-timey classics like “The Girl Comes First in Girl Scouting” (now “The Girl is First in Girl Scouting”)…

  2. Rick says:

    I love those flowers! I saw them today at the florists but splurged on flashy purple and pink flowers instead. Sure smells like homo to me.

  3. noah says:

    hahahahahahhahahahahaha – oh my god – that is priceless, as is anything else remotely having to do with gayness right now – I’m sure there are some homos up here but they ain’t talking about it! The tundra can be compared to a desert in more ways than one…
    you kill me always with righteous HI lariousness
    god – thanks

  4. […] Dear Reuters, Did you forget to proofread the headline? Or did your editor used to work for Natrel milk? […]

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