Earwax Suction

Man, I loved watching it. The music is so inspirational! And when he gets that tricky one at the end, doesn’t your heart just soar? This video made me so horribly delighted that I had to yell AAAAUUUGGGGHHH the whole time I watched. I want this done so bad.

Via MeFi.


2 Responses to Earwax Suction

  1. jennyhead says:

    that was so revolting yet also amazing.

    did you know youtube is only 5 years old today? that is unbelievable to me. it seems like it should be so much older!

  2. solarstarfruit says:

    i once had a terrible earache. i thought i had an ear infection, so a friend recommended i infuse olive oil with garlic and then put a few drops of the treated oil on my ear. i did and two days later, while photocopying something at work i became dizzy, lopsided and partially deaf. i panicked before realizing that my ear canal was totally obstructed by a huuuuge piece of ear wax that had finally become dislodged by the olive oil and worked its way up my ear canal. i got it out with the rounded curve of a paperclip–the wax was right there at the entrance to my ear–and it remains to date the most satisfying wax removal moment of my life–
    –until i witnessed the forceps at 2:35 in that video. amazing. it’s like comparing Mt Washington to Mt Everest.

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