Dock Ellis & the LSD No-hitter

Animation accompanying pitcher Dock Ellis‘ hilarious account of the time he pitched a no-hitter while high as a kite on LSD and bennies. The 1970s were a different time.

Thanks to a reader named L for the tip.

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17 Responses to Dock Ellis & the LSD No-hitter

  1. bmj2k says:

    What is not to love about that video? The 1970’s, baseball, and LSD. Truely, America’s Pastime.

  2. Pie says:

    Baseball is not a big thing here in the UK, so I wouldn’t have understood any of the terms, but the way he related the story was laugh out loud funny and the animation was great.

    I’ve been having a little root around some of your other posts and I like it. I hope to drop in from time to time, between working, living and servicing my own blog of course.

  3. This is why we need the internet in our lives. An abundance of great stories. Without really having to look too hard for them.

    Your blog is funny!

  4. Wow this is old, Baseball, LSD. They had it all, thanks for sharing.

    Interesting Video,

  5. Songbird says:

    Love the 70s… love the animation… lol….great post!

  6. Harry elliott says:

    This is a really cool video. As a Baby Boomer,
    who attended Woodstock and a big baseball
    fan I can really realate to this.

    Though I moved out of the Pittsburgh area
    nearly 10 years earlier, I can still relate
    to the calls of the great Bob Prince aka “the
    Gunner”. I knew right away about that green
    thing he had in his hand which he called
    “the Green Weenie” a prop used to jinx opposing

    Also the music by Rufus Thomas was way cool.
    Great job. Absolute fucking cultural genius.

  7. Thanks for sharing that. Great fun, nice little movie-let.

  8. […] came across this after watching some of this guys videos that were on WordPress homepage. (Damn, the internet is […]

  9. Aiden R says:

    That was awesome! Dock Ellis was the MAN!

  10. orisonb says:

    1960s were a different time too.

  11. Crazy story. I would have died in the ground with thousands of people wathing me while tripping…

  12. mhasegawa says:

    I remember this no-hitter and I had no idea he was on a trip at the time.

  13. John Quinn says:

    Lol Dock Ellis!! LSD No hitters are lamme Almost as lame as the peoples at

    Soo funny ROFL!!

  14. Keith says:

    Is there a video of this no-hitter game? I would love to watch it in it’s entirety.

  15. michelle yee says:

    Love it! Thanks so much for sharing.

    Whatta great way to kick off the ol’ weekend. =)

  16. John B says:

    That is fantastic! T. Leary must be proud!

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