What would you do for $5? Whatever it is, now there’s an online marketplace to do it. Fiverr.

Fiverr lets you sell your stuff or services for $5.

Here are some of the ones I’d do:

* I will teach you to play any 30-second song on the recorder (via Skype)
* I will teach you how to hug a girl in a non-creepy way (I was just talking to some people about a friend of ours who really needs this lesson to alleviate his problem of making his female acquaintances hug him with full contact from shoulder-to-thigh, ugh)
* I will give you $4.95.

Thanks to Peneycad for the tip.


15 Responses to Fiverr

  1. “I will give you $4.95.”

    $3.95 if you want to make a nickel on the deal; Fiverr’s commission is 20%.

    Still, I’ve bought a lot of Fiverr gigs. It’s addictive. Where else can you get a puppet show made just for you, for a mere five smackers?

  2. Really, no place like fiverr ..

  3. says: is here :)

  4. says:

    $5 to $100 gigs and 10 % commission why settle for less?

  5. I hate to drop this link like the two comments above… but figured I would mention that is another great site where you can post $5, $10 and $20 jobs but also earn 5% residual for any referred buyers and sellers transactions.

  6. Jenn Gold says:

    I’ve been using JobsFor10 (, it’s twice as good as fiverr.

  7. Just found this UK targetted site gigs for £5 or £10 Five Quid might give it a whirl

  8. Jenni says:

    Who would want to buy a paper shirt. There was another guy willing to stick a post it note on his forehead and walk around with your message or something. Its all fun to talk but nobody buys this crap.
    If one is serious about making money on Fiverresque sites, Check out you can make twice the money on fiverr for the same amount of work.

    At the end of the day, $7 is bare minimum one should make (that the min wage in the US. Wouldnt you think?

  9. Steven says:

    It’s an excellent concept Fiverr, the only problem I’ve found is, the pay outs are just to small ($3.92). So I’ve been testing others that payout much higher margins such as and I’m making a lot more money because there paying out in sterling and the pound is much stronger than the dollar!

  10. Savvy shoppers are finding small gems on Fiverr. I think it would expand enormously if there were a way to get postage plus $5 from a buyer — I have a lot of things I’d be more than willing to sell for $4 net, but by the time you pay postage you might end up with $1.50. Fiverr is still in beta, hopefully they’ll consider this.

  11. says:

    Alexander Sliwinski ( XanderSliwinski): must always play Heavy Rain. But I know that I jouerai Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

  12. BittyPay says:

    Fiverr fees are taking too much so I have now moved to BittyPay. Same concept but the ability to choose between $2-$25 gigs. If I Feel a task should cost more I always have the option to charge more and vice versa for a lower end task.

  13. Roch says:

    Just did one gig since I’ve started 60 days ago. We offer flyer design.

  14. cris1402 says:

    Make money online using your talents. Leverage your business using other people’s talents. For only 4 euros. Or for 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 euros. What are you waiting for?

    I like this site, that’s why I will promote from time to time. You deserve better rank in Alexa.

    Thank you.


  15. I personally am a fan of they are offering more features for both seller and buyers like the referral program, you can make some income even without selling

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