Babies: The Movie

Babies follows four babies (from rural Namibia, urban Japan, rural Mongolia, and urban US) through their first year of life. Beautifully shot, and looks so adorable. Comes out in May. Trailer here; be sure to watch it full-screen.
Thanks to Hill for the tip.


3 Responses to Babies: The Movie

  1. michelle yee says:

    omg that is soooo cute.

  2. Leslie P says:

    I love how in our society we’re all NOOOOO don’t touch that! Don’t eat that!!! and two of those kids fully had their hands IN dogs mouths and are chilling out with the goats, and are totally fine. We worry too much, but I guess that makes us buy more stuff…

  3. z says:

    this was the most disgusting movie I’ve ever seen.

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