Alexa Meade paints people

DC artist Alexa Meade paints on the bodies and clothing of live models, and on the three-dimensional surfaces of found objects and architectural spaces. Super-cool.

These must look so trippy when the light source changes- all the shadows and highlights would be in the wrong places. I wonder if she’s ever done ones where the model is painted as though lit from below- it would look like an old-time vaudeville performer stepping into real life. I think I’ll strongly consider something like this as a 2010 Hallowe’en option. That is, assuming I can’t find another biracial celebrity first. (Tiger?)

Apparently Brian Mulroney is a fan?
Via Kottke.


4 Responses to Alexa Meade paints people

  1. jennyhead says:

    if you go as tiger woods, can i be your mistress?

  2. They look patch work in life.

  3. This is absolutely trippy…maybe to much for my brain at 9am. Very, very cool though – thanks for sharing

  4. OMG! WOW! The third picture is super cool! I love art! Thanks so much for posting!

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