Knowing he was colourblind, they offloaded a failed ZentaiSanta prototype as camouflage gear.

Zentai [is] the practice of cocooning one’s self from head to toe in a skin-tight bodysuit. Some Zentai devotees spend hours each day this way, and the reasons they do so are as varied as the suits themselves. The first thing Ben noticed when he slipped into his new Zentai suit was that he liked the way it looked. “It smoothed out all the imperfections,” he says.

Even more appealing was the almost overwhelming sensation of security. “It’s like a portable safety blanket,” he continues, “like you’re pulling the sheets up over your head.” Another Zentai enthusiast, a 23-year-old student from Cincinnati named Darryl, describes the feeling of Zentai as “an all-over hug.”

I do this too, but I call mine Spanx. More here. Thanks to Hill for the tip.


4 Responses to Zentai

  1. myzentai says:

    nice website nice pic i love it lol

  2. zentai suit says:

    Zentai is made of lycra spandex, it is very comfortable, this red zentai suit is good fit for you.

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