Vogue – House of Monroe

House of Monroe is a Toronto Vogue Fem dance crew. I saw them perform at Buddies last week and they are insane: it’s such a captivating form of dance, at once fluid, precise, languid, and gymnastic. Forget what Madonna used in the video, this is way better. Plus loud beats and live freestyle chanting on microphone. It’s so fun to watch.

There aren’t a lot of great videos of voguing on YouTube, but I did manage to find this House of Monroe dancer (I think his name is Snoopy Monroe) “goofing around” (read: “dancing amazingly”) after a rehearsal in someone’s kitchen.


4 Responses to Vogue – House of Monroe

  1. Rick says:

    love it! The movie to watch is paris is burning.

  2. noah says:

    holy crap…ummmm – what do i have to do to be that badass?

  3. huggpress says:

    It’s like he has no bones! But he has muscles! And moves! Bad ass.

  4. fo real says:

    meh, tired, vogue has evolved since this

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