Matt & Kim: Daylight

From an email conversation:

HH: This is one of my faves for the year. It’s addictive and girl can drum even if she is kind of goofy. Are they on some serious coke? Probs.

KK: I was all “how goofy can she be” and then I was all “o-oh.”

ME: First I read HH’s assessment, then KK’s, then I hit play and laughed out loud. I heart her. That girl is the vest. I mean best.

Thanks to HH for the tip.


One Response to Matt & Kim: Daylight

  1. Carmen says:

    Matt and Kim,
    You too are a piece of art. Your music and presentations had me with smiles from ear to ear. Very fefreshing, when I had a very bad day. On a good day I am just as happy and outgoing as you two are. Thank you.

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