How to be interesting

Solid advice from Megan of Rhubarb Pie, whose friend asked her how he could become more interesting. She suggests that he attend more events, and proposes three questions to consider after each event:

First: what was your favorite part?
I think consciously deciding on a favorite part of the evening is helpful for a few reasons.

First, I think it will make him like the evening better in retrospect. Maybe the café was dingy and the open mic was largely embarrassing and the whole thing reminds him of the emptiness of our disconnected urban lives. Fine. But searching through the evening for a favorite part will emphasize that piece in his memory, and he’ll look back on the evening just a little more fondly. Since going to a bunch of those things can be work, he might as well remember the best aspects of it.

Second, people enjoy enthusiastic people. It is a good practice to notice the best parts of things and be able to recount them. Calling out the bad parts is not-interesting. It is easy and predictable and brings negativity to the party and sounds like a jaded teenager. To be interesting, note your favorite parts.

The other two questions are here.


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