WIN a print by Girl Can Create

Rough on Rats, by Lisa Pijuan-Nomura

My friend Lisa Pijuan-Nomura is an amazing multidisciplinary artist working in theatre, dance, comedy, puppeteering, images, and text.

Recently Lisa started making visual art as well- lovely collage pieces using found paper, objects and ephemera.

And now…

You can WIN one of Lisa’s 8.5×11 inch prints!

Here’s all you have to do:

1. Browse the Girl Can Create Etsy shop.

2. Choose which print you’d like to win.

3. Come back to [pageslap] and leave a comment here identifying which print you chose, and why you like it. Make sure to include your email in the comment form (it won’t be seen on the blog, and we won’t spam you. It’s just so we can contact the winner.)

That’s it!

I’ll use a randomizer to pick the winner on Sunday at midnight, then we’ll arrange for Lisa to mail you your print.
This contest is open to everyone, worldwide.

Lisa was the brain behind Toronto’s popular RED performance series, and long ago when I’d never written anything except high school essays, she pretty much forced me into performing my own writing in front of a live audience for the very first time at one of her events. That peer-pressured little excerpt eventually became my solo show “Better Parts” and the cracktastic feeling of people laughing at my writing turned me into a monster. I owe her big-time… thanks, Lisa!

Winner is comment # 1, Noelle Hunt.
Congrats, Noelle, and thanks to everyone who entered!

21 Responses to WIN a print by Girl Can Create

  1. Noelle Hunt says:

    What beautiful pieces!
    Some really interesting stuff in her Etsy Shop!

  2. Netta says:

    I love your work! beautiful stuff. I had to decide between FOUR that i really liked but the winner for me is flycatcher bc the 4 women remind me of me and my 3 sisters. Also, i like the yellow and pink together and the birdy in the corner and just the small drawings all around. Not too busy and so sweet looking.

  3. Marnie Jutzi says:

    This was difficult because they are all very interesting. I think I like Rough on Rats and Starling best. Don’t know why exactly – I like mixed media, I like the colours and composition of these two. Very nice work.

  4. Alison says:

    This contest makes me happy – I love Lisa’s collages and prints!

    I want to win Librarians, because it has old-timey swimming costumes (NOT bathing suits, swimming costumes). Is that enough of a reason?

  5. christian says:

    I chose “F”, because it reminds me of family…it has a feeling of yearning for something lost, something that I feel I can associate with…a search for the culture and traditions of ones ancestors.

  6. David Pylyp says:

    Interesting I also selected the Librarians in the display that mixed the sense of fashion with timing and the timelessness of the building which could stand years if not decades.

    Good Stuff all of it!

    To your continued success.

    David Pylyp
    Living in Toronto

  7. Lynn Manwar says:

    Well I went to Lisa’s showing of her artwork in September 2009 in a Gallery in the Junction area and loved all her artwork and was visualizing a piece of her artwork this past week. So it’s great that this contest appeared. I asked and the universe delivered an opportunity to view her work once again. I would choose her Good Wishes print for because it has a couple lovingly gazing at each other. I would strategically put this piece in my relationship corner of my room so as to manifest an awesome loving relationship with a partner in my life! Secondly, the numerology of the date noted in the piece Jan 12 1919, which is 1 + 1 +2 +1 +9 +1 +9 = 24 = 2 +4 = 6. Now I was born on the 6th day of Feb! So, numerically this piece would resonate with me. More importantly I would keep this prized possession of art work for the rest of my life.

  8. Jennyhead says:

    I love love Always Fresh – it is pink and very ladylike, just like me.

  9. godfreaj says:

    I’m quite drawn to Provisions. It’s earthy and thoughtful and slightly haunting.
    Thanks for the work!

  10. Hey there everyone! It’s so great to see what everyone is interested in about my work! Thanks for all of the kind comments! Good luck with the contest!

  11. Andrea says:

    holy cow this was hard! i kept coming back to Rough on Rats because of all the different colours and also the smiling people just below the heading ‘Don’t Die in the House’. good advice for us all. Thanks, Lisa and Nicole!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hi there!

    These pieces of art are so cool! I think I like Librarians the best – not sure why, but it seems to have a fascinating blend of innocence and fun. Provisions is my second choice – it’s so Canadian!

    Fingers crossed!

  13. danielle says:

    its a toss up between skylark and librarians.. i would be so happy with either one. love these because multi media is always something that people think “i can do that” and rarely ever succeed at.. lisa succeeds totally!pick me!!:)

  14. jane soberg says:

    Simple Heroine, reminds me of Jane Adams, Wealth of love,mentor of followers from the beginning,of where it really starts with the child and child within us,and the world of patience of the past, and remembering it in the future. Uniting care.

  15. mo says:

    first, just wanted to say what a lovely story. hurray for lisa, and the result of her little push in the right direction for you nicole. :)

    it appears i have very similar tastes to marni jutzi, who chose as favourites the same two i did: rough on rats and starling. i agree with her why it’s hard to pin down why i like these two best above the other lovely pieces, but i do think that both have an air of mystery i really like, and of the two, rough on rats really strikes a chord, largely because of the text in the clippings. people like to characterize old tyme days with happy innocuous innocence but i think they were closer to blood back then we are now.

  16. sorryimleaving says:

    I really like Good Wishes. The couple in it reminds me of an old 1920s silent movie where the sassy girl gets the guy. Plus who can resist a guy with hair like that?

  17. Amanda Braddock says:

    “Provisions” was my favourite, but it was a tough call to make, they were all lovely. Provisions just seems very wintery and warm, the burgundy and brown is beautiful!

  18. stamp says:

    Ok, everyone, contest is closed. I’ll have a winner up shortly.
    Thanks for entering!

  19. stamp says:

    Random number generator thingie says the winner is….

    Comment #1, Noelle!

    Noelle, I emailed you. Everyone else, thanks for entering, woooo!

  20. […] doing a giveaway contest this weekend and you can win a collage piece by a Canadian artist. Click here to check it […]

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