Ghost Man

Invisible human shield is less effective.

Donaldson sent me this link, even though she thought it was probably faked.

Tobias Funke just got one-upped

Personally, I dunno if it’s fake. I mean, for sure, it’s so perfect that it definitely looks fake. But on the other hand, it seems to me there must be someone in this world insane enough to do this, and if there was, that person would surely be putting it on the interweb.

Pizza Hut never really caught on in China

The thing that makes me think it must be fake most of all? The fact that I didn’t see any “making of” photos showing the painted dude standing a few inches away from his perfect spot. However, I also didn’t look for any “making of” photos. Perhaps they were painted to exactly match their surroundings and I just walked right past them?

This one took me like a full minute.

Fake or not, pretty amazing, right? Link. Thanks to Donaldson for the tip.


2 Responses to Ghost Man

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