Einstein Baby

E equals MC Hammer

Apparently, when Albert Einstein was a child, he was a lake talker, which worried his parents. Finally, one day at supper, he spoke his first words: “Die Suppe ist zu heiss.” (The soup is too hot.)

His parents were greatly relieved, and asked him why he hadn’t spoken up to that time. The answer came back: “Bisher war Alles in Ordnung.” (Until now, everything was in order.)

Via MeFi.


2 Responses to Einstein Baby

  1. einstin have a very large contribution to the world, especially in the field of physics. although he is a very clever man, but he’s still human, and certainly has a mistake.

  2. megan says:

    heh, that’s a really fun old joke.

    I so wish it was actually a thing that could truly be attributed to Einstein. That would be awesome!

    But, apparently he had a hard time speaking for a huge chunk of his life. Apparently he would mouth his answers to things before saying them out loud.

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