WIN a Jean-Paul De Roover CD/DVD

This is “Fix”, by Jean-Paul De Roover, video shot by Shannon Lepere. I like this video and its slightly creepy use of over 600 band-aids.

You can win a copy of Jean-Paul De Roover’s new CD/DVD album.

1. Watch the video above.

2. Leave a comment on this post, saying why you like the video or the song. That comment is your ballot into the draw.

Make sure to put your real email address into the comment form (your email address will NOT be visible on the blog, but I’ll need it to contact the winner! And I promise I won’t spam you.)

3. For bonus points, become Jean-Paul’s fan on Facebook and leave a second comment on this blog to let me know you Facebooked him. That comment will count as your second entry into the draw.
Here’s the link to his Facebook fan page.

Contest closes at midnight on Friday December 4.

That’s it! So easy! I’ll use a randomizer to pick the winning entry this Saturday December 5. I’ll email the winner to get your mailing address (we can only mail this to a North American address, sorry overseas people!), then Jean-Paul will mail you your awesome free CD/DVD. The packaging folds out into a house, how full of WIN is that?

Winner is comment # 16, Bryan Cesar.
Thanks to everyone who entered!


18 Responses to WIN a Jean-Paul De Roover CD/DVD

  1. reuben says:

    great song. nice sideburns.

  2. Kelly says:

    Ack! BandAid mummy! Cool song.

  3. Jenny says:

    long live stop motion, particularly when paired with some sweet harmonies.

  4. HuggPress says:

    Nice song. Not sure the suffering for art counts since he looks decidedly non-hairy!

  5. sauer kraut says:

    Too mellow for me.

  6. Dirk Stewart says:

    I love this song and all its sweet melodic harmonies. Cool video also !!!

  7. Dirk Stewart says:

    Facebooked for the contest !

  8. Andrew Paulsen says:

    I like it cause I could win a free CD

  9. Seedre says:

    Dig, JP, fix, aid, fun, like

  10. Seedre says:

    JPFB fan for long!

  11. Andrew Paulsen says:

    Facebooked for the win!

  12. Brendan M. Clace says:

    Amazing video shot by an amazing photographer. Shannon, you rock! Love the meaning behind the song and how it is brought forth by the video. Really makes it real, you know? Have had the privilege of sharing the stage with JP many many times, and he always performs amazingly. Make sure you check him out on the rest of his tour back through Canada. Also a fan on FB, and a friend on FB too ;)

    Love you JP.

  13. elliott says:

    nice bandaids! that must have pulled your arm hair!

  14. Bryan Cesar says:

    Great stop-motion style vid. The track is pretty damn sweet, too.

  15. Colleen says:

    Wicked song, can’t wait to see you in Kenora this weekend!

  16. Colleen says:

    Added on Facebook

  17. stamp says:

    Contest is officially closed! I’ll announce the winner tomorrow.

  18. stamp says:

    Random number generator thingie says the winner is….
    Comment #16, Bryan.
    Bryan, I emailed you.
    Everyone else, thanks for entering and check back for more easy giveaways!

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