Trampoline – Oli Lemieux

November 21, 2009

Here’s gymnast Oli Lemieux KICKING ASS in rehearsals for Cirque du Soleil’s show Dralion. Basically this guy can fly, and I’m so jealous I can barely handle it. But also, when he drops off the highest level of the wall, my hands sweat with terror. I am not cut out for free-fall. Lucky for us, Oli is, and you should watch him, it’s a beautiful thing.

Via Woosk.

Fun fact: I worked for Dralion when they were in Toronto years ago. That’s where I learned to juggle. Oh no, I wasn’t in the show, ha ha ha. I was the assistant shift-leader of the popcorn stand. I got to wear a hairnet and everything! In addition to popcorn, overpriced pop, and cotton candy, we also sold juggling balls, so I had lots of time to practice. Well, after I’d shined up the napkin dispensers and the sweeping was done for the day.

One evening a very handsome mid 40s man with a thick shock of dark hair, sporting huge, black-rimmed nerd glasses (this was long before hipsters existed and nerd glasses became cool), came to my concession station and ordered snacks for his stunning blonde wife and their daughter. They really had presence, this family. After I served them and they walked away, someone told me why: I’d just handed a tray of Cokes to Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger.