German: sissy


How darest du callst ich ein German sissy. Ich is Austrian.

The German language has this charming habit of mashing countless adjectives onto its nouns, forming nearly illegible compound words. So instead of a short string of nice, simple words working as a team to convey an idea, like, say, “beef-labelling law”, you get a monstrosity like

Look, I can’t even fit it onto a single line.

Rind=beef, fleisch=meat, etikettierungs=labelling, über=over, wachungs=watching, auf=on, gaben=task, über=over, tragungs=giving, gesetz=law.

The beefmeatlabellingoverwatchfortaskovergivinglaw.

So when the German language wants you to know it thinks you’re a sissy, it doesn’t pull any punches. You could be a:

Boxershortsbügler = A boxershorts-ironer.

s-bahn-in-fahrtrichtung-sitzer – An in-the-direction-of-travel-sitter
(In other words, an insufferably special snowflake who must face forward on the train to avoid motion-sickness from looking out the window in the wrong direction. I’m one of these, I confess. I might barf.)

Frauenversteher – A women-understanderer. (WOW.)

Here are some more German words for sissy at Resolute Vagrant.


2 Responses to German: sissy

  1. Michelle says:

    Oh those Germans, so full of the morphemes. Thanks for posting this! It totally relates to my anthropology class.

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