WALL-E computer case

Here’s a computer case in the shape of everyone’s favourite Earth-Class Waste Allocation Load-Lifter, WALL-E. Made by some dude in Russia with an exquisite eye for detail- all the moving parts actually move, and everything is made of machine-cut metal. Just look at this:

wall e computer

He even has the cockroach.

wall e eyes

The character design for WALL-E was based around a pair of vintage binoculars that creator Andrew Stanton borrowed from a friend during a baseball game. Now you know.

Check out lots of photos of its construction here.
Thanks to Kalman for the tip.


2 Responses to WALL-E computer case

  1. dufmanno says:

    That is so positively charming, I may in fact go out an get it. Pixar had me at Toy Story.

  2. Me Rieko says:

    Sweet i wont a WALL-E computer i was going to steam punk my computer but i think robots are way cooler anyone knows a oneline store for parts let me know im at me.rieko@yahoo.com

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