Fixed it! Epic kludges and jury rigs

There, I Fixed It! is a hilarious collection of the very best crappy fix-it jobs.

hidden sign

Once I got a ticket for not stopping at a stop sign hidden by a tree. Lazy homeowners couldn't be bothered to clip a simple tunnel through the foliage. Why I oughtta...

camping toilet

Once upon a time, there was a lazy farmer who hated the job of fertilizing most of all. One day he invented this puppy. By moving the chair a foot or so each day, he was eventually able to enrich the soil of his entire acreage while he did his morning Sudoku.


I actually quite like this one. Using a wine cork to fix a martini glass is kind of classy. Plus it's totally something my dad would do. Dad, how much effort does it take to drill through a cork and carefully strap it all together with zip ties? Wouldn't it be easier to just buy a new glass? Kid, you're missing the point. Sometimes the joy of ingenuity trumps practicality. Now hand me those salad forks.

salad tongs

Wait, did you say salad forks? Ha ha, Dad, don't you mean Salad Tongs? I've never heard of.... oh.



Lots more here. I love this site; thanks to Leslie P. for the tip!

PS- I always thought the phrase was “Jerry-rig”, and came from WWII when British soldiers perjoratively called the German soliders “Jerries”. While “Jerry-rig” is indeed a real expression that began at that time, turns out that “jury-rig” is an even older expression dating back to nautical usage in the 1700s. It’s thought that in this case, “jury” is a contraction of the Latin adjutare (“to aid”), via Old French ajurie (“help or relief”), or perhaps even the English word, injury.
Thank you Internets.


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